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Stephen Darby is Married to Wife: Nancy LePere. 4 Kids

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Image of Stephen Darby and Nancy LePere with their kids

Stephen Darby, prominently known as Pastor Darby, descended from the lands of Charleston, West Virginia. When he was still a child, he was given “Steve” because his real name, Stephen, is too long to pronounce.

The pastor is an educator, a preacher, a YouTube star, and has coached numerous sports. Before serving as the pastor of Dunkinsville United Methodist Church, he first performed at the Seaman Community Methodist Church.

On the 12th of September 1946, Steve was delivered into this world. His parents are identified to be Jane and Oscar Darby.

Unfortunately, the educator passed away in 2017. Further details about his death were not disclosed to the public.

Are you curious about Stephen Darby’s wife, marriage, death, and kids? Continue reading to learn more about him. 

Stephen Darby has been Married to Wife: Nancy LePere since 1968            

Image of Stephen Darby with his wife, Nancy LePere
Stephen Darby with his wife, Nancy LePere

The late Stephen Darby was married to a wife named Nancy LaPere Darby. According to a source, the couple tied the knot on the 27th of April 1968.

Stephen Darby’s wife was truly heartbroken when the pastor passed away. She was left to look after their four children.

While the pastor was still alive, they were living harmoniously. The word of God guides them.

The pastor’s family made sure to remember that they should live by example given their homemaker’s influence. According to reports, Nancy does not have any plans to be married again after her husband’s passing.

She once mentioned that her husband is the best man there is, and she does not have any plans to forget what has been when Steve was still alive. However, specific details about their marriage are not available to the public. We will update this article once information is available.

About Pastor Darby’s death

In 2017, the followers of Pastor Darby were saddened by the news of his passing. According to reports, he passed out and died shortly.

He was organizing a retreat at Grace Retreat Village. The pastor was airlifted to the hospital but was tagged as dead-on-arrival.

According to his intimate family and friends, he has accomplished his mission here on Earth. He has touched many lives and inspired them to live by the Lord’s words.

Rumors are circulating that the cause of his death was kidney failure. According to sources, the YouTube artist used to deal drugs which caused his health to deteriorate.

His family did not disclose anything regarding this issue.

Stephen Darby’s Kids                      

Image of Nancy LePere with her kids
Nancy LePere with her kids

Through the long years of marriage, Stephen Darby and his wife has established a strong and beautiful family. They were blessed to have 4 children.

Details about their children are not publicly available as of this writing. However, they are the one continuing what their father has started in terms of preaching.

Stephen Darby’s wife, Nancy, is the one taking care of their children. She has proved herself to be a strong woman despite what happened to her husband. 

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