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Spencer Paysinger Wife Blair Paysinger and Kids

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Images of successful American footballer, Spencer Paysinger and his wife, Blair

When it comes to successful American footballers, Spencer Paysinger is a leading example. There are only a few who have never heard of this athlete. The former linebacker of football giants like NY Giants, Miami Dolphins, NY jets, and Carolina’s journey from obscurity to success is well-documented in All American’s hit TV series. Let’s get to know more about Spencer Paysinger and his wife.

There are thousands of fans who dream of achieving success like Spencer and take inspiration from this 33-year-old. Indeed, a man of his standard must have an equally proud wife if not prouder of him. As of 2021, this athlete from Crenshaw, California, is a married man and is the father of two. Also, ever since watching the CW’s All American, which portrayed Spencer’s life well but kept his wife’s information in the shadows, fans wish to know the complete details of this athlete’s real wife.

Who is Spencer Paysinger Wife?

Though CW’s All American does a great job portraying Spencer’s life in detail, the show still has not revealed anything about Spencer’s real wife, at least not with the real name. Fans can see that Spencer, played by Daniel Ezra, is in love with Layla Keating, while another woman named Olivia Baker also remains Spencer’s close friend. At times, the series shows as if Spencer is dating two women at the same time.


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However, Spencer’s wife in the actual world is Blair Spencer. Blair is an American native from Los Angeles, California. Her father, Billy Duckworth, and mother, Juana Williams, conceived Blair on August 10, 1989. As if Blaire was destined to have ties with athletes, her father coached Beverly Eagles. Blair also shares a brother whom many think is her twin, but they are not. Blair’s brother, Alex, is currently working as a lifestyle and fashion designer, photographer, and videographer.

Blair did her education at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University and hoped to go for software designing or news anchoring. But Blair, a regular designer, came to the limelight ever since becoming Spencer’s wife. Before becoming a celebrity spouse, Blair was initially a graphic designer of Alternative Apparel for more than a year, where she interned from July 2013 to August 2014. Blair also went to Citizen Group to handle advertising and social media projects.

Besides this, partnering with her mother, Blair became the co-founder of Post 21, a community business that serves the modern shopping experience. Additionally, Blair is also the co-founder of Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen.

How Did Spencer Meet Blair?

The All American’s real-life star and his wife knew each other from a long time ago. The current Paysinger couple were students in the same high school of Beverly Hills. Spencer and Blair were in the batch of 2003, where they initially started as friends. It is not sure if Spencer started dating Blair since high school, as no sources are confirming this matter.

However, based on what CW’s All American is showing, it could be that Spencer dated Blair since they were young.

Blair Paysinger in wedding dress with her husband, Spencer
A successful American footballer, Spencer Paysinger and his wife, Blair Paysinger.

Married Life

After more than a decade since their college days, Spencer and Blair finally announced their wedding date. Currently, the former Panther’s defender has been married to his wife, Blair Spencer, for five years.

Spencer and Blair walked down the aisle on May 27, 2016. Their wedding ceremony was an outstanding one at La Quinta Resort in California’s Palm Spring. Blaire wore a modern two-piece gown embellished by silk organza skirt and a Chantilly lace crop top during their wedding. Similarly, Spencer matched Blaire’s wardrobe with an emerald suit, pearl tie bar, white shirt, and suede loafers.

Their Bohemian-themed wedding was a special one for their memories as family members and close friends attended their wedding ceremony. Moreover, Blair’s mother sang custom lyrics of Real Good Hands in the courtyard. Besides this song, they also played Blair and Spencer’s favorite song by Beyonce, Love on Top.

The photos of their wedding and life after marriage are available on Blair’s Instagram. Ever since marrying Spencer, Blair’s social media has uplifted as she has over 6k followers. After becoming famous, Blaire has had a handful number of public appearances with her husband in the field.

Spencer Paysinger Kids

May 27, 2021, saw Spencer and Blair celebrating their 5th anniversary. During this time, they also expressed their safety from the Covid19. But along with the Paysinger couple were two adorable children. In the duration of their five-year-long marriage, Spencer and Blair have welcomed two children.

The first son in the family was Cairo, who came to the family on May 15, 2017. Similarly, Madden is the second child of Spencer and Blair, born in July 2019. Cairo and Madden also appear in their mother’s apparel business of Post 21 as models for children’s wear.

Spencer Paysinger looking happy with his kids
Famous American footballer, Spencer Paysinger, and his two children.

Spencer, Blair, and their troublemakers most often travel places and take pictures. The Paysinger family recently visited rocky mountains in their home state, where all of them were wearing white dresses. Given that Spencer and his wife make over $1 million, Cairo and Madden are blessed with a fulfilled life.

It is only a matter of time before Cairo and Madden also appear in All American.

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