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Is Scott Storch Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Dating History. 

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Image of Scott Storch an American Songwriter

Scott Spencer Storch is a record producer, songwriter, and keyboardist. On the 16th of December 1973 was when the talented composer was born. 

He debuted his professional music career as a keyboardist with Roots, a hip-hop band, in the year 1991. Two albums are published under his credit, namely Organix and Do You Want More?!!!??! 

On the other hand, Storch disliked traveling and preferred to create in the studio, so he decided to pursue a career as a music producer. He established his agency, Storch Media Agency, which specialized in creating hip-hop music. 

The record producer decided to quit drugs and focus on producing music when he filed for bankruptcy in 2015. After giving up his studio, he has worked with the most prominent artists in the industry, namely DJ Khaled, Berner, Russ, the Game, Crim Dela Crim, and more. 

Are you curious about Scott Storch’s wife, past relationships, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Scott Storch’s Dating Status

Image of Scott Storch an American Record Producer
Scott Storch an American Record Producer

Being in the industry, Scott Storch’s dating status is searched chiefly up. Among other women, Samantka Met stood up from the list. 

Samantka has been working with Scott for a while to release new songs. The information about how they met is not known to the public. 

Nevertheless, fans quickly assume that the rumored couple met last year. According to reports, after finishing their respective contracts, they started dating. 

Samantka’s Short Biography

Scott’s alleged girlfriend, Samantka, is a singer and an artist. The Chicago-native collaborated with numerous artists to finalize her debut album. 

In 2021, the artist released her first-ever album. Her fans went all out to show their support for the singer. 

There is not much information about her since she just debuted last year. Soon we will update this part as she slowly shares news about her personal life.

Scott Storch’s Past Relationships

Scott Storch’s dating status is like a roller coaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs. It is publicly known that the producer was married to Christina Gray from 2011 to 2015. 

People are quick to stir controversies about why the couple immediately broke up in the morning after their wedding. Scott once stated that after their separation, he never spoke to his ex-wife again. 

Scott Storch’s wife demanded their marriage be dissolved because the former couple was allegedly not in their proper thinking when they exchanged their wedding promises. The keyboardist jumped from one relationship to another.

His date list included women of status and beauty. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan are just a few of those the composer has dated.

Avett is a man of influence, effortlessly enticing girls in his mansion to host parties.

Scott Storch’s Kids

Image of Record Producer with one of his kids
Record Producer with one of his kids

Scott Storch is known to have dated a lot of women. According to reports, he is the father of four children. 

Nevertheless, Scott Storch’s wife, the mother of his kids is not known because of Scott’s long list of dating history. He has never confirmed nor debunked any rumors about the mother of his children. 

It’s been suggested that his ex-wife, Christina Gray, is the mother of Scarlette, his youngest daughter. Scott frequently uploads photos of his youngest daughter and states that she is very close to him.

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