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Is Sal Licata Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

Image of Sal Licata with his wife

Sal Licata began working in radio in January 2003 at WFAN as an intern and has subsequently excelled. He is currently a WFAN midnight host.

Licata, a resident of Long Island who also hosts at WFAN, joined SNY in 2010 and can be heard weeknights on “Geico Sportsnite” and once a week on “Baseball Night in New York.” Sal can also occasionally be heard on the morning show on WFAN, where he frequently substitutes for Jerry Recco when Boomer & Gio are out.

Sports reporter Sal Licata works for SNY. He began in 2010. Following Brandon Tierney’s departure from the network, he started to appear on The WheelHouse.

Sal Licata adores dogs. He considers Maddux, his pet dog, to be a member of his family. Together, they like watching movies, spending time together, and raising it as if it’s his second child. Sporting professionals are increasingly likely to be animal lovers.

Sal Licata is a native of New York and a citizen of the United States. However,  there’s still no information about his early years of childhood.

Is Sal Licata Married to Wife?


Does Sal Licata have a spouse? He does, indeed. He has been living his best married life since about 2018. Unfortunately, the information about his personal and marital life is still hidden and undisclosed. 

But one thing is for sure, Sal’s marriage with his wife is very healthy. There are currently no indications of difficulties or issues in their partnership.

 Sal Licata’s Kids

Image of Sal Licata's wife with their daughter, Samira
Sal Licata’s wife with their daughter, Samira

They welcomed their adorable daughter on April 17, 2021, named Samira. According to his Twitter post, his wife had an emergency C-section and he described the whole thing as a traumatizing yet enjoyable experience.

He even praised his wife by calling her “his hero”. Baby Samira weighs 6 lbs. and 15 oz. Additionally, Sal reveals in his tweet that his wife is very hands-on with their baby.

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