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RZA is Married to Wife: Talani Rabb Diggs. Kids.

Image of RZA with his wife, Talani Rabb Diggs

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, commonly known as RZA, is a renowned rapper, actor, record producer, and filmmaker from the USA. Because he is responsible for producing most albums for Wu-Tang Clan and its members, he serves as the group’s de facto head. Additionally, RZA has released solo albums under the alias Bobby Digital, receiving executive producing credits for various side projects.

After the Wu-Tang Clan was established, RZA found the horrorcore band Gravediggaz, where he was a founding member and was known by the nickname The RZArector. Since the late 1990s, RZA has been actively involved in the production of movies.

Examples of this include the martial arts movie “Kill Bill: Volume 1,” as well as its sequel, “Kill Bill: Volume 2.” He also wrote and directed the martial arts movie “The Man with the Iron Fists” which was released in 2012.

Do you want to know who is the renowned rapper RZA’s wife, ex-wife, and kids? Then find out by reading this article.

RZA has been Married to Wife Talani Rabb Diggs since 2009


RZA is married to his lovely Wife, Talani Rabb-Diggs, and has been in love since they married. He and Talani took part in a wedding ceremony on August 29, 2009, and they exchanged their vows throughout the event.

The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, and in addition to the couple’s guests, they had members of their families and close friends in attendance as well. Until now, there has been no talk regarding the split between the two people.

RZA and his Wife Talani have been together for several years, and their relationship does not appear to be deteriorating. On the other hand, they do not yet have any children together despite having been together for more than a decade.

Talani Rabb Diggs’ Biography

Talani Rabb is a well-known actress and model from the USA who is also married to RZA, a well-known rapper. Talani has not shared her parents’ identities; however, she has a sister with whom she shared her childhood.

RZA’s Wife embarked on her professional life at a tender age. As a young child, she tried her hand at modeling by participating in a local fashion show.

After that, she started making stage appearances in musicals when she was only ten years old. When RZA’s Wife turned 16, she was signed by Ford Models, which was the beginning of her career as a model.

Since then, Talani has traveled worldwide, modeling and appearing on prints published in the United States of America, Europe, and Africa. In addition, RZA’s Wife has been a supporting character in several films over the years.

RZA was married to wife, Eboni Mills, from 2000-2006

In the wedding that took place in July of 2000, RZA and Eboni both exchanged their wedding vows with one. The couple tied the knot in front of their guests, including their relatives and those closest to them in their neighborhood.

After the wedding, the couple expressed how much they were looking forward to starting their own family, and soon after that, RZA and Eboni were blessed with children of their own. Despite being married to Eboni, RZA fathered children with other women named Raindia and Prana.

Some sources have even alleged that a woman who used to be RZA’s Wife had an affair with another man while they were married. However, many specifics behind the dissolution of their marriage are not yet known; it is unknown whether or not he and his Wife’s relationship ended painfully.

RZA’s Kids

It is believed that the renowned rapper has nine children, but only six are known to the public. The four are his kids with his ex-wife Eboni named Shaquita, Melchizedek, Understanding, and Eternity.

The other two are Raindia and Prana, whose mothers are unknown to the public. If new information about RZA’s Kids comes out, we will update this article.

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