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Ryan Zimmerman is Married to Wife: Heather Downen. Kids

Image of Ryan Zimmerman with his wife, Heather Downen

Ryan Wallace Zimmerman was previously a baseball player as first and third baseman. He professionally played for the team under Major League Baseball’s Washington Nationals.

He started playing baseball as a child until his collegiate days at the University of Virginia. While playing for his university, he was given the moniker Mr. National because he was able to reach the national level of his chosen sports field.

While playing for his academe, he was ranked fourth in the overall list of the Nationals during the draft of the 2005 Major League Baseball. Some of his most famous moves are walk-off hits and clutch hitting.

The athlete’s birthdate was discovered to be on the 28th of September in the year 1984 in Washington, North Carolina. Specific details with regards to his childhood were not disclosed for public knowledge.

With the successful career of the professional player, people are wondering if there is news with regards to Ryan Zimmerman’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him, including his marriage, controversies, and kids.

Ryan Zimmerman is Married to Heather Downen.

Image of Ryan Zimmerman with his wife, Heather Downen
Ryan Zimmerman with his wife, Heather Downen

As a prominent person in the field, Ryan Zimmerman’s wife is frequently asked of him during his postgame interviews. It is not a secret that the title of Ryan Zimmerman’s wife is already held by a beautiful lady named Heather Downen.

According to reports, the couple has been dating since they were in college. Many people expressed their disbelief that the couple would end up in marriage.

However, the duo proved them wrong by tying the knot in 2013. They got engaged a year earlier alongside the professional athlete’s large event with regards to his work as a player.

The couple’s marriage is far from any controversy because they were able to regulate the information that is going out of their relationship. They are currently enjoying their lives with their three amazing children in Great Falls, Virginia.

Who is Heather Downen?

Heather Downen is most famous for being Ryan Zimmerman’s wife. However, she is more than a professional athlete’s wife because she is outstanding as a representative of a tech firm.

She used to be an associate producer for a certain program on the news. Ryan Zimmerman’s wife realized that it was not for her that is why she shifted to sales.

When she officially became Ryan Zimmerman’s wife, she decided to stay at home and take care of their kids. It is something the professional player is thankful for because he knows that he lacks in that aspect, and having someone to compensate for his lack is something wonderful.

Ryan Zimmerman’s Controversies

One of the most controversial news about the baseball third baseman is his lawsuit against Al Jazeera. He sued the news outlet because of an article released against him which does not have solid proof.

He was associated with the case of Ryan Howard, who was accused of influencing others to use steroids without any doctor’s prescription. It was not proven that Zimmerman in any way connected to Howard.

Ryan Zimmerman’s Kids

Image of Ryan and Heather Downen with their kids
Ryan and Heather Downen with their kids

Not long after his marriage to his wife, she was quick to bear a child into this world. In 2013, Ryan Zimmerman’s wife birthed a baby girl named Mackenzie.

Three years after, their second daughter named Hayden was born in June. And in the middle of the pandemic, their only son, who can be called Henry, was delivered into this world.

Their children are always posted on their respective social media accounts. It shows that the parents are proud of what they built throughout the years.

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