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Is Ryan Sickler Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Ryan Sickler

Descended from Baltimore, Maryland, Ryan Sickler was born on the 8th of March 1973. He spent five years of his life writing and producing for ABC Family. 

The father of the comedian is the reason why Ryan got into the comedy field. At the age of 11, his father caught him practicing and watching movies every midnight.

However, his father died at the stand-up comedian’s young age. From there on, Sickler moved in and lived with his grandparents. 

He is a prominent stand-up comedian who writes and produces podcasts. His famous podcast is named The Crabfeast. 

Are you curious about Ryan Sickler’s wife, dating status, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Ryan Sickler Dating Status

Image of Ryan Sickler
Ryan Sickler is a producer and actor. He is also the host of the podcast called The HoneyDew Podcast

As of 2022, Ryan Sickler is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. He prefers to keep the information about his relationship to stay private.

However, he has previously married Donna whose personal details are not available as of this writing. The producer makes sure to protect his ex-wife’s identity and respect her demands to not be exposed to the public. 

Ryan Sickler’s wife did not disclose anything about their separation. Nevertheless, fans are quick to create assumptions stating that the separation took place because they cannot compromise. 

Ryan Sickler’s wife was blessed with two beautiful children. Despite the separation, they made sure to still provide for the needs of their children. 

Ryan Sickler’s Biography

Ryan is a major admirer of the Indianapolis Colts. He gives his father full credit for appearing in his comedy.

Also, he is very passionate about Sushi. He’s been on several podcasts, including Viceland’s Party Legends, This Is Not Happening, and others.’

Also, the comedian was registered before in a local elementary school. After that, he joined town based High School and Graduated in Mass Communication at Towson University, United States.

Ryan Sickler’s Kids

Image of Ryan Sickler with his daughter
Ryan Sickler with his daughter

Despite the busy schedule, Ryan Sickler’s wife and he were able to build a beautiful family of four before the divorce took effect. They have birthed two wonderful children. 

Their first child was a son and the latter is a daughter. They named their first child Derek and the second one Stella.

Further details about their children are not disclosed to the public for their protection. Sickler’s ex-spouse makes sure to make time and co-parent their children to give them the best things in life. 

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