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Rupert Spira is Married to Wife: Ellen Emmet. Kids

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Image of Rupert Spira a British English Teacher

Rupert Spira has made a name for himself by presenting his public and private collections as a potter. He is also an English lecturer of a spiritual seeking program named “direct path,” wherein they seek themselves by talking and writing. 

In London, sometime in 1960, Spira was delivered into this world. After attending West Surrey College of Art, he attained his pottery apprenticeship at Wenford Bridge Pottery.

From 1980-to 1982, he went to Wenford Bridge Pottery along with Michael Cardew and Henry Hammond. The spiritual teacher strives hard to widen his knowledge and perspective by exploring and narrating it through essays and articles.

Numerous books and DVDs with interviews are published under his credit. Are you curious about Rupert Spira’s wife, marriage, and kids?

Please continue reading to find out more about him. 

Rupert Spira is Married to his wife: Ellen Emmet

Image of Rupert Spira with his wife Ellen Emmet
Rupert Spira with his wife, Ellen Emmet

The lecturer has been learning and educating for a long span of time. His craft is focused on spiritual teachings to encourage one to seek itself.  

Rupert Spira’s wife is known to be an adviser to Kashmir Shaivism. Their shared interest in spirituality is a huge advantage in their relationship.

Reports on how they met are not available publicly. Fans are quick to stir rumors, thus, assuming that they met at an event and started their romantic relationship from thereon. 

Who is Ellen Emmet?

Image of Ellen Emmet an American Psychotherapist
Ellen Emmet, an American Psychotherapist

Ellen Emmet is known for her marriage to Rupert Spira. She professionally works as a therapist and is a yoga teacher in Kashmir Shaivism’s pure conscience. 

New York City is where the yoga instructor was born. Before she gained consciousness about the world, her family migrated to France, the city of Paris. 

She wished to connect to her hometown; that is why she came back once she turned 18 years old. Rupert Spira’s wife worked alongside her studies in the City of New York.

After a decade, she relocated to Northern California for the love of the freedom spirit and furiousness. The therapist earned her master’s degree in New York University’s Dance Movement Therapy.

Years after, she obtained her degree in Transpersonal Psychology at California’s John F. Kennedy University. A certificate in Laban Movement Analysis was received after years of her expertise.

Spira’s wife is living happily with her husband in Oxford. They are both practicing as spiritual instructors.

Rupert and Ellen’s Kids

After years of a harmonious marriage, they were blessed with a son. They decided to name him Matthew.

The beautiful family is currently residing in Oxford, United Kingdom. 

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