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Rougned Odor is Married to Wife: Liusca Criollo. Kids.

Image of Rougned Odor with his wife, Liusca Criollo

Rougned Roberto Odor is a second baseman in baseball by profession under the team Baltimore Orioles. His professional team is one of the teams under Major League Baseball.

The baseman is famous for the moniker Rougie. Before joining his current team, he was a former athlete forNew York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

The birthdate of the baseball player was known to be on the 3rd of February in 1994. His name is unique because it was the union of his grandparents’ names that is Douglas and Nedia.

Furthermore, it was also discovered that he is not the only Rougned in the world because his father’s name is the same. Most of the names under the generation of Douglas and Nedia are inspired by their combined names.

Additionally, the athlete’s family plays several kinds of sports and are professional players as well. Another sport he is into is equestrianism which involves horses.

The dedication of the athlete when it comes to baseball makes people wonder if it is the same when it comes to Rougned Odor’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about the player, including his marriage and kids.

Rougned Odor is Married to Liusca Criollo.

Image of Rougned Odor with his wife, Liusca Criollo
Rougned Odor with his wife, Liusca Criollo

With the emerging career of the athlete, he is frequently asked about a certain Rougned Odor’s wife. He is not shy to admit that he is already committed to a lifelong relationship with a wife.

The title Rougned Odor’s wife is held by a lovely lady discovered to be under the name of Liusca Criollo. Specific details with regards to their marriage are not known publicly because the couple decides to keep it intimate.

Furthermore, their unification was reportedly attended by the baseball athlete’s team players and managers alongside their immediate friends and family. It was an exclusive event for people who made difference in the lives of the couple.

Being a professional athlete is never easy because of training, especially now that there is an ongoing pandemic. Regardless, Rougned Odor’s wife is very understanding and supportive when it comes to the career of her husband because she knows it’s for their little family.

Ever since the marriage of the couple, they have stayed away from the limelight to avoid the unnecessary dramas of the media. Fortunately, their marriage is far from any controversies that have been published.

Intricate details with regards to Rougned Odor’s wife are not available to the public yet. In spite of it, the athlete makes sure to show the world who is behind his smiles and enthusiasm, his wife and son.

Most of the posts of the second baseman are about their little family. He once mentioned that he is very lucky to have a very understanding and supportive wife and family.

Rougned Odor’s Kids

The marriage of the couple has been known to be productive. In 2018, Rougned Odor’s wife birthed a baby boy.

There were no details published with regards to the lovely duo’s kid. It was because they are protecting him from the prying eyes of the public.

Rougned Odor’s wife stated that their son is too precious for them to allow the public to throw unnecessary hate and opinions against him. It is a normal thing for the supporters of the sports to make fun of the other team and they don’t want their son to be involved in that culture.

Nevertheless, the athlete said that the adult life of their son already depends on how he wants to live his life. Liusca and Rougned expressed their support for whatever career path their son will take.

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