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Rory Sabbatini is Married to Wife: Martina Stofanikova. Kids.

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Image of Rory Sabbatini with his wife, Martina Stofanikova

Rory Sabbatini, a South African-Slovak professional golfer, won six times on the PGA Tour between 2000 and 2011 and was a second-place finisher in the 2007 Masters. He lasted 21 weeks in the world top-10 in 2007 and 2008, reaching a seventh.

Moreover, Sabbatini was a silver medalist for Slovakia in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Martina Stofanikova, the professional golfer’s wife, was won over by this all-time favorite golfer.

She was the second wife of Sabbatini. In addition, Sabbatini divorced his first wife many years ago and met Martina shortly after.

Read more about their relationship in this Wikipedia-type article. Let’s discover the story of Rory Sabbatini’s wife.

How Rory Sabbatini Met his Wife, Martina Stofanikova

Image of Rory Sabbatini with his wife, Martina Stofanikova
Rory Sabbatini with his wife, Martina Stofanikova

Rory Sabbatini’s wife, Martina,  met him during the Honda Classic. At the time, Rory Sabbatini was still married to his first wife, Amy Sabbatini.

Fans of Sabbatini were taken aback when news broke that the golfer had married again so immediately after his divorce. This stirs up controversies which we will discuss more in this write-up.

Who is Martina Stofanikova

Rory Sabbatini’s wife, Martina is a native of Bratislava, Slovakia. According to the Slovakian newspaper Plus, her previous relationships include libertarian political leader Boris Kollar and tennis player Dominik Hrbaty.

She helped Rory get his Slovak citizenship. Rory Sabbatini’s wife, Martina’s cousin, Rastislav Antal, vice president of the Slovak Golf Association, suggested that she become a Slovakian citizen.

Rumors and Controversies 

There was a report that his fault caused his own divorce. Rory was accused of having an affair with Martina.

Amy tweeted in 2013 that Rory was involved in another affiliation with another woman. The tweet was later removed when it caused a stir in public.

Isn’t it strange how Rory’s ex-wife accused him of having an affair? It suggests Rory has a relationship with Martina, and Amy was present to see it.

However, according to the evidence, Rory and Martina met at the Honda Classic, and he was still married to Amy Sabbatini at the time.

Rory Sabbatini and Martina Stofanikova’s Children

In Rory’s first marriage, he had two children; Harley Aiden and Tylie Jo. On the other hand, Martina had a child with Boris Kollar named Simon.

Another child was reported, and this was the couple’s child, and he was named Bodhi Mac.

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