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Ronnie Mund is Married to Wife: Stephanie Carney. Kids.

Image of Ronnie Mund with his wife, Stephanie Carney

American actor, chauffeur, security guard, radio host, and television personality Ronnie Mund, is well-known for being “Ronnie the Limo Driver” as he used to work under Howard Stern as a driver and security guard. On October 28, 1949, Ronnie Mund was born in N.Y.C, United States. Ronnie hasn’t given the media any details about his parents or his early education.

Ronnie has experience in the military professionally. He, therefore, came close to becoming a police officer before realizing that driving was his real passion.

Despite being small in height, Ronnie was in charge of “Тhе Ноwаrd Ѕtеrn Ѕhоw’s” security. Ronnie started his professional career as a limousine driver and chauffeur for the American action film industry.

He then entered the world of movies and began looking for little roles in films. He regularly appeared as a cast member on the television program “The howard Stern Show.”

Ronnie then gained more small roles in the movie. And some of his best works are “Private Parts” in 1997, “My Man Is a Loser” in 2014, “Limitless” in 2015, and “The Week Of” in 2018. Additionally, he made an appearance on other tv programs with his spouse, Stephanie Carney.

He hasn’t received any major awards yet in his career thus far because he hasn’t performed any exceptional work. Ronnie has only played minor roles in movies and hasn’t received any exposure. As an outcome, he has made impressive career achievements.

Keep reading to know more about his wife, his marriage, and his kids.

Ronnie Mund is Married to Wife, Stephanie Carney since 2018

Image of Ronnie Mund with his wife, Stephanie Carney
Ronnie Mund with his wife, Stephanie Carney

Stephanie Carney, an American actress, married Ronnie. She is hence around 33 years younger than Ronnie.

In 2007, the two began dating, and they have been with each other since then. The two appeared together in a number of tv shows and events.

They are living a happy life in New York City. The couple is truly happy to live as one.

Both Stephanie and Ronnie have maintained a flawless online reputation and stay far away from conflicts and controversies.

Stephanie Carney’s Biography

In 1983, Ronnie Mund’s wife, Stephanie Carney was born to Barbara Carney. Stephanie’s actual date of birth, unfortunately, is not listed anywhere online.

Although,, Ronnie Mund’s wife Stephanie has shared images of her father online, she hasn’t yet revealed his identity. Stephanie also has a brother and sister: Andrea Carney and Chris Carney.

In the same way, Stephanie and her siblings were raised in the United States by their mother. Stephanie developed a deep love for animals as she was growing up.

Ronnie Mund’s wife loved being around animals and had made the decision to study to be a veterinarian. After that, Stephanie Carney attended a neighboring high school.

Then, upon graduating from high school, she enrolled in Penn Foster College. On April 6, 2018, she also earned a Summa Cum Laude in Veterinary Technology.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she also finished their VTech training. At the moment, Stephanie is based at her foster college’s oncology ward.

Ronnie Mund’s Kids

The couple has been married for quite a long time now, yet they still don’t have a child. We can assume that they have their personal reasons and priorities as to why they still have not pursued the idea of a family. 

We will update this write-up once information about their kids and reasons become available.

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