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Who is Ron Funches Wife? Still, Married or Dating New Girlfriend?

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American actor, Ron Funches

Ronald Kyle Funches or Ron Funches has been gaining lots of attention lately ever since his stint on NBC’s Undateable. This 36-year-old comedian from California has also done voiceovers for various characters in BoJack Horseman, Adventure Time, and The Adventures of Puss in Boots. A man with immense talent like Ron Funches is slowly getting the love and success in his career. However, has Ron been getting the same result in his marriage has been a topic of discussion lately. Know more about Ron Funches and his wife.

Ron’s relationship history is not as complicated as it looks. However, like most celebrities, Ron has faced plenty of ups and downs that saw him finding love in multiple women. Regardless, reports have it that Ron has finally settled in with a woman he had been dating for quite some time.

Ron Funches was Once Married to His Former Wife

Years before Ron came to the limelight, he was already in a marital relationship. Unfortunately, who Ron previously married to remains a mystery as he never gave details about his ex-wife. Though there is no word about Ron’s ex-wife, sources claim that he and his estranged ex-wife lived together for years in Salem.

Given the fact that Ron never mentions her in any of his Instagram posts makes the fans wonder that he and his ex-wife got off the wrong foot. Though Ron could be seen hugging many women and men in his social media posts, he never talks about his first wife.

Understandably, Ron’s divorce from his ex-wife resulted due to his busy routine at work. Since Ron devoted more time to work than to his family, his marriage ended somewhere in 2012. Moreover, Ron was in his early 20s during his first marriage.

Nonetheless, Ron had his first son from this broken relationship. Even though the former Funches couple is no longer together, they still co-parent their child.

His Son Malcolm Funches is Autistic

It is always tricky for a parent to handle their children with disabilities, and the same was the case with Ron Funches. The comedian who reduces others’ stress has been living a stressful life nurturing an autistic child.

Ron had a son named Malcolm Funches with his ex. Malcolm had autism since birth which put his father in much fear. In an interview with show host Conan O’Brien, Ron revealed there were many instances where Malcolm was in trouble.

Being an autistic child, Malcolm wouldn’t act or think as one would want. Moreover, Malcolm could never learn quickly when someone was teaching him. And sometimes, Malcolm would not cooperate with anyone.

These behaviors made Ron fear that he could get into trouble with people like the police or bullies during altercations one day. Being a child of the black race, Malcolm is always prone to slurs and racial abuses. When he taps into emotional stress, different stimuli in his body react at once, causing him to lose control. Often, Malcolm had the habit of throwing violent tantrums that led the neighbors to call the police.

Ron’s only son, Malcolm, is of mixed race and is 17 years old. Having a watch over him is not always possible for his father. Though Malcolm is an independent child, Ron hired a nanny to watch over him so that whenever others take Malcolm for being rude, she can clarify the misunderstanding.

American actor, Ron Funches with his son
American actor, Ron Funches with his son Malcolm Funches who has autism.

Is Ron Funches Dating a New Girlfriend?

Having left his former marriage in the past, Ron was on the lookout for a new one. Three years after his divorce, Ron met a new girlfriend he dated for several years before turning out to be his wife. Unlike the traditional way of finding a date, Ron used the help of technology to meet his beloved.

Nothing much is available about Christina Dawn as she has not revealed her personal life with the fans. However, sources claim that Dawn is a Canadian from Vancouver and is a writer by profession. Moreover, she is a private woman with 1k followers on Instagram and usually only posts stories.

How Did They Meet?

Ron recently married his longtime girlfriend, Christina Dawn, whom he met through a dating app called Bumble. It was in 2015 that Ron and Dawn first met and began chatting through Bumble. Ron mentioned that when he first saw Dawn’s profile with nothing but only one picture of her, he thought she was a bot or a fake person. But it turns out that Dawn was indeed a real woman.

After exchanging a couple of conversations, Ron and Dawn began dating for a few years. But on November 11, 2019, Ron finally engaged with Dawn. He broke this news by announcing it on The Late Show With James Corden. Ron and Dawn are superstitious individuals who believe in the 11:11 belief. Moreover, on their proposal day, Dawn had to wake Ron up at 11:11 p.m. since they missed the 11:11 a.m. timing. Not only that, but their engagement day was also on the 11th day of the 11th month.

Ron Funches with Christina Dawn
American actor, Ron Funches with his current wife Christina Dawn.


Though fans could not witness the first marriage between Ron and his ex-wife, they were graced by his second marriage with Dawn. Unfortunately, Ron and Dawn had to wed during the Covid19 pandemic. Nobody except a few family members and friends attended their bizarre wedding where Ron had a sweet orange suit and Dawn was wearing a white gown.


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The now-couple had a low-key wedding in August 2020. Both the groom and the bride had to wear masks throughout the ceremony except while kissing. Recently, Ron tagged Dawn during her birthday and valentine’s day as well. Ron and Dawn are yet to bear children of their own.

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