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Is Romelu Lukaku Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Menama Lukaku Bolingoli, famously known as Romelu Lukaku, is a professional player of football who plays the role of a spiker for the Premier League Club Chelsea and the national team of Belgium. Lukaku debuted his career by playing for Anderlecht.

This game awarded him the Belgian Pro League title, and he was declared the top goal scorer. He joined his current team, Chelsea, in the year 2011.

However, he was evicted from the team due to his shortcomings as a player, so he transferred to Manchester United. History repeated itself, and he moved to Inter Milan.

Recently, Lukaku went to play for Chelsea again, which helped him tremendously in terms of his career, and he was tagged as the most expensive player in Belgium’s Premier League. Are you curious about Romelu Lukaku’s wife, previous relationships, and kid?

Continue reading to find out more about Romelu Lukaku.

Romelu Lukaku’s Dating Status         

Image of Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Chelsea. He also plays for the Belgium national team.

Being a prominent figure in football, Lukaku had his share of dating rumors. However, he is currently single as of this writing, and the chances of seeing Romelu Lukaku’s wife soon are slim.

Details about his current dating status are not publicly accessible. Living as the most expensive football player right now, he chooses to focus on his career and improvement rather than going around with girls.

With that being said, we will surely update this write-up once Romelu Lukaku’s wife makes its way to the well-known football player. Stay tuned!

Romelu Lukaku’s Previous Relationships           

Lukaku dated a lot of women on his journey to notability. These women are Eveline Ribuado, Natassia van Kerkvoorde, and Sarah Mens.           

Eveline Ribuado was Romelu’s girlfriend when he was still starting. She could have been Romelu Lukaku’s wife if it wasn’t for their split-up for undisclosed reasons.

We can assume that the two weren’t able to resolve matters between them. There are no available details except that she used to be a Ms. Belgium contestant.

On the other hand, Natassia van Kerkvoorde was with him in the year 2014. Details of their past love were not revealed publicly.

In 2016, Sarah Mens and Lukaku met in Miami, United States of America. Sarah is the daughter of a prominent Dutch TV host, Harry Mens.

Even though the public is aware of their relationship, they have maintained to keep their relationship to themselves. In a TV program, Sarah’s father, Harry, is the first person to mention that the former couple had broken up already.

They ended their 5-year relationship in 2021, and the specifics are not revealed to the public.

Romelu Lukaku’s Kids           

Lukaku has a son named Romeo Emmanuel, but the child’s mother is yet to be confirmed. Romelu’s former girlfriend, Sarah, is the alleged mother.

Being an important figure in his field, Romeo mostly stays with his grandmother. Ever since the child was born, the football player never revealed their face to the public.

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