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Roger Bobb is Married to Wife: Shane Johnson Bobb. Kids.

Image of Roger Bobb with his wife, Shane Johnson Bobb

In recent memory, Christian and Gospel-related films and shows have slowly been getting the attention they have been dreading for a long time, and Roger Bobb is one of its forerunners. Born Roger Marcellus Bobb, he made rounds by being an actor, film director, and producer for various entertainment filmographies in the past couple of decades.

He first experienced fame and recognition when he became a pivotal part in the success of the drama film For Colored Girls in 2010, which became widely regarded as a musical. With a star-studded cast such as Kimberly Elise, Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington, and many more, there is no doubt that the movie gave a boost in his career.

While, of course, it is not his only appearance in movies and shows, it paved the way for him to find the connection and path he longs to see in his lifetime. Aside from acting and producing fabulous, inspiring pieces of media for people to enjoy, he is also a businessman, currently the President and CEO of Bobbcat Films.

Even before that, he was assigned an executive position in a familiar studio known as Tyler Perry Studios, where he served as its Executive Vice President for quite some time. Today, his primary focus and goal are to expand his production studios’ reach and capability and sign major brand deals with known companies inside and outside the United States.

Who is the wife of director and producer Roger Bobb? Is he married or dating a girlfriend? Learn more about this by reading this article.

Roger Bobb has been married to his wife, Shane Johnson Bobb, since 2021

Image of Roger Bobb with his wife, Shane Johnson Bobb
Roger Bobb with his wife, Shane Johnson Bobb

Love is in the air, and the passionate relationship between Roger Bobb’s wife Shane and he is just fresh and ever-present given the date they’ve decided to tie the knot. Colleagues and workers in show business are one title that the two love birds share because they not only work in entertainment but are also producers.

Although it is not entirely sure what is the main reason why the CEO fell in love with her, one thing is for sure, Roger Bobb’s wife possesses and likes the things he is passionate about. This brought them to take it to another level of commitment, and in 2021, they decided that they were ready for the next step and got married in a private ceremony.

Roger Bobb’s Previous Relationships

Even though the professional background of the current President of Bobcatt Films is quite transparent and available in the open, the same thing cannot be said about his romantic life. As we’ve said, there is little information regarding his love story and past relationships.

This led people to believe that Roger Bobb’s wife might also be his first and hopefully the last girlfriend and that their marriage would only be more fruitful in the following years.

Shane Johnson Bobb’s Biography

Believed to be a fellow employee and worker at Tyler Perry Studios together with the director, Shane Johnson Bobb is just as prominent and hard-working as her partner is. She is a producer, writer, dancer, and choreographer for various gigs, possibly outside the said studios.

She started her dancing career back in the 90s and had even got the opportunity to be a dancer of some of the most prominent people in entertainment, like Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson. While age may have taken quite a toll on her physical ability, we are sure there is still some groove left on her body waiting to be unleashed.

Roger Bobb’s Kids

Because of how recent the couple’s marriage is, the question of whether or not they have kids is something that is answered with a resounding no. Hopefully, they will decide to have their children, but until then, we are left waiting for the couple’s next move toward their married life.

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