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Rod Wave is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Kelsey Coleman

Image of Rod Wave with his girlfriend, Kelsey Coleman

Being a fan of Hip hop and R&B, it’s exciting to see and know the different rising artists trying to make it big in the industry, and one of those guys is no other than rapper Rod Wave. Born Rodarius Marcell Green, the artist, would make his mark in the music industry when the world was trying to make ends meet with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

However, even though his singles would later peak on the charts in 2020, his song “Heart on Ice” already went viral on the social media platform TikTok. In addition, his other single entitled Rags2Riches from his second album called Pray 4 Lovealso became a trend on the platform, with both songs accompanying dedicated music.

Moreover, his debut album Ghetto Gospel, his second album Pray 4 Love, and his latest, SoulFly, also saw success, with both albums peaking on the Billboards Top 100 charts. This shows that his fame and recognition during the Pandemic were not a coincidence but a display of his capabilities.

Interestingly, his career started six years ago, in 2016 but did not catch the masses’ attention. Fortunately, he held on to it and showed that he is no coy and that the music he produces is bangers and deserves to be listened to by people worldwide.

Who is the wife of rapper and singer Rod Wave? Is he married or dating a girlfriend? Learn more about this by reading this article.

Rod Wave is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Kelsey Coleman

Image of Rod Wave

Rod Wave is an American rapper and singer. He mostly performs R%B in his gigs.

Even though the artist has yet to have a committed partner for life, Kelsey Coleman is looking to be Rod Wave’s wife in the future, and the evidence to back it up is just sufficient. One of the best examples is that the two have been boyfriend and girlfriend for years and are building a promising future for their family.

Although Rod Wave’s wife is yet to be named, we are almost sure it will be Kelsey Coleman, mainly because of how long they have already been together. Who knows whether the love birds are planning to tie the knot shortly, given the rapper’s success lately.

Kelsey Coleman’s Biography

Rod Wave’s wife-to-be is quite the opposite of her partner’s life because there are not many things known about the girlfriend of the musical artist. However, she is believed to be around the same age as the rapper-singer and spent quite some time with him during their teenage years.

Rod Wave’s Previous Relationships

Looking at the faithful and long-lasting relationship between the two, it’s plausible that the rapper did not have any past relationships before meeting his very loving girlfriend. While there is no current news or info about said subject, it is safe to assume that this is where the couple stands.

Rod Wave’s Kids

Despite not being a married couple yet, it did not hinder their love from showing because the lovers are proud to announce that they have kids of their own, a twin, we might add. It is believed that their names are Mocha and Kash, both girls and are thought to be around their elementary years.

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