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Roberta Moradfar: Will Martin Lawrence’s 16 Years Younger Fiance Be His Wife Soon?

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Martin Lawrence’s 16 Years Younger Fiance, Roberta Moradfar

Roberta Moradfar is a well-known beauty entrepreneur and wife-to-be of celebrity Martin Lawrence. Moradfar’s aesthetic spa named Efface Aesthetics, based in Santa Monica made her a household name in the world of the beauty business. Her expertise in cosmetic medicine is also well-known, aside from being an entrepreneur. Apart from that, she is also a certified aesthetic nurse and practitioner, having studied for 11 years in Master’s Degree of Nursing at Drexel University. Let’s know who Roberta Moradfar is. Is she the third wife of Martin Lawrence?

Martin Lawrence Third Love

Some say a third time’s a charm. Hopefully, Lawrence’s third relationship will last for a lifetime.

In spite of his two failed marriages, actor-comedian Martin Lawrence appears to have fallen in love again. The iconic celebrity is dating the beautiful beauty entrepreneur Roberta Moradfar.

While it is unclear when the couple started dating, sources speculated that it wasn’t long enough before the time of the proposal. The iconic Bad Boys actor officially popped the question to his girlfriend on the 31st of March 2017.

According to sources, Lawrence spent months working with the renowned Iconic Jewel shop at Beverly Hills to produce a 5-carat emerald-cut custom ring for his lady. The ring is composed of a 5-carat emerald and another carat of diamond for the couple’s initials as showcased in the jeweler’s Instagram. TMZ reported that the ring is expensive, with a blinding price of $500,000.

The 39-year old Moradfar happily confirmed the news in her Instagram post, where she is seen wearing her new rock in a collage photo.

The two publicly show their love to each other via their social media accounts. They appeared on the red carpet numerous times, most recently at February’s Vanity Fair Oscar. The couple also attended NBA games, as seen by their appearance on the courtside during a Los Angeles Clippers game, where they were eating lunch.

Martin Lawrence with his 16 Years Younger Fiance
Martin Lawrence with his 16 Years Younger Fiance, Roberta Moradfar.

Roberta also starred in the 2020 installment of Bad Boys: Bad Boys for Life accompanied by Lawrence’s three daughters. Apart from this, the couple spends their time together isolating themselves from the COVID-19 virus. Additionally, the couple also shared their experiences at home with their family to their worldwide fans.

Who is Roberta Moradfar?

Roberta Moradfor is a renowned American beauty entrepreneur and advanced aesthetic nurse practitioner born on June 27, 1981. Roberta’s interest in beauty and skincare began at a young age, long before her career. Moradfar studied at Drexel University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree Masters in Nursing. She’s also a certified aesthetic nurse with eight years of cosmetic medicine experience.  In 2017, Martin Lawrence proposed to Moradfor.

Martin Lawrence's Fiance
An American beauty entrepreneur and advanced aesthetic nurse, Roberta Moradfar.

Aside from being Lawrence’s wife, she’s a businesswoman who established the Efface Aesthetics spa that catered to most celebrities in Santa Monica. She is well-known in the beauty industry for her exceptional abilities. Moradfar is a member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses. The spa of Moradfar is well-known for accommodating a wide range of clients, including famous models and celebrities.

In addition, she has appeared on a number of television shows, including Judge Judy and The Doctor, where her abilities have been recognized by an international audience. She also co-starred in her husband’s film Bad Boys for Life in 2020.

When Will Roberta be Martin’s Wife?

The couple hasn’t released an official date for their wedding yet. However, per The Blast, the couple intends to exchange vows soon enough. We can only hope and wait for an announcement of the Bad Boys star’s third wedding.

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