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Rob Van Dam is Married to Wife: Katie Forbes. Kids.

Image of Rob Van Dam with his wife, Katie Forbes

When those lights suddenly go off, the sounds of the fast-hitting hi-hat and the lyrics “One of a Kind” can be heard in a WWE ring; you’re in for a ride because Rob Van Dam is entering. Robert Alexander Szatkowski, better known by his ring name RVD or Rob Van Dam, is one of the most notable wrestlers he has been on live TV in the past couple of decades.

He had wrestled with the likes of John Cena and The Undertaker and proved himself noteworthy for the praise and the recognition that he is continuously being showered until today. Because of his athleticism and passion for the sport, he is considered the other half of the two professional wrestlers who have raised the cummerbunds of WWE, TNA, and ECW.

His wrestling career started when he was in his teenage years in 1990, finding independent and underground wrestling leagues to further his connections in the big companies back then. He went toe-to-toe with his fellow amateurs and slowly climbed the ladder until he was offered a chance to be a part of World Championship Wrestling.

After which, he made history and has since been regarded by die-hard wrestling fans as one of the most talented and explosive people that had ever set foot in the peak days of the sport. Today, given that he is now in his 50s, his body is starting to catch up to him, and he does not do a lot of physical activities as he did before but was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

What happened to the personal life and love story of wrestler Rob Van Dam? Learn more about him by reading this article.

Rob Van Dam has been married to his wife, Katie Forbes, since 2021

Image of Rob Van Dam with his wife, Katie Forbes
Rob Van Dam with his wife, Katie Forbes

There is no doubt that Rob Van Dam’s wife Katie and he are the most compatible people for each other, not only because of what they do for a living but their overall vibe and spirit. The loving relationship between the two started quite a few years back, specifically in 2016, when they began seeing one another romantically.

After almost six long years of courting and being boyfriend and girlfriend, Katie Forbes is officially Rob Van Dam’s wife and is celebrating their first anniversary in 2022.

Rob Van Dam’s Previous Relationships

Well, if you have been a fan of the performer when he was still in his youth, you may not be familiar with his new wife but rather Rob Van Dam’s wife Sonia, which sadly ended in divorce. A romantic relationship that lasted for exactly two decades was halted and eventually led to the couple finally calling it quits between them.

The reason for their break-up is not entirely open to the public, but one thing is for sure, the divorce is long-awaited, with the former lovers throwing shade at each other even before.

Katie Forbes’ Biography

Image of Katie Forbes
Katie Forbes is a known American female wrestler. She also wrestles under WWE like her husband, Rob Van Dam.

Patricia Parker is the birth name of Impact Wrestling performer Katie Forbes, who is also the current partner and lover of RVD. Known for her exuberant and outgoing personality inside and outside the ring, she can surely catch the attention of many fans not only because of her talent but also her stride.

Interestingly enough, she was born the same year her husband debuted, so there seems to be a 20-year age gap between the two. Regardless, they seemed happy and satisfied with what they found in each other.

Rob Van Dam’s Kids

As of recently, the couple is yet to have children of their own; given that their marriage is still relatively fresh, deciding to have kids might be the least of their priorities today. Nonetheless, all we can do as fans is wait for their decision on possibly having a daughter and a son in the future.

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