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Rico Blanco is not Married. Dating Girlfriend: Maris Racal. Kids. Dating History.

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Image of Rico Blanco a Filipino Singer and Songwriter

Rico Blanco is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actor, endorser, and entrepreneur from the Philippines. Rico began his career as a founding member of the Filipino rock band Rivermaya, serving as the band’s principal songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist from 1994 to 2007 and as a solo artist since 2008.

Blanco’s songs and performances were well-received, garnering his reputation as one of the Philippines’ most well-known local music icons. Maybe his songs were so powerful and touching that even his girlfriend, Maris Racal, felt her heart and now live happily as a couple. These two announced their relationship status last year, 2021.

Know about the Filipino musician, Rico Blanco, and his current love life here!

How Rico Blanco Fell in Love with Maris Racal.

Image of Rico Blanco with his Girlfriend Maris Racal they are both singers
Rico Blanco with his Girlfriend Maris Racal

It’s been three years since they first collaborated on the single “Abot Langit,” which was followed by songs like “Ate Sandali” and “Asa Naman” in September. Still, singer and music producer Rico Blanco said there was never anything romantic between him and Maris Racal, with whom he shares a 25-year age gap at the start.

The OPM legend confessed when he began falling for the former Pinoy Big Brother: All In contestant in their first acting assignment together for the iWantTFC Original series The Goodbye Girl. Rico Blanco and Maris Racal have some deep talks in the message, where it all started.

Also, the singer said that he prioritized his work; first, he added that he took pride because of his professionalism. However, right after they finished their work they messaged each other and that is where the love story started.

About Rico Blanco’s Girlfriend: Maris Racal

Image of Maris Racal a Filipina Actress, Singer, and Songwriter
Maris Racal a Filipina Actress, Singer, and Songwriter

The singer’s girlfriend, Maris Racal, is a Visayan-born Filipino actress, singer-songwriter, host, vlogger, and endorser. She rose to notoriety in 2014 after placing second in Pinoy Big Brother: All In.

Maris Racal, a Visayan-born Filipino actor, singer-songwriter, host, vlogger, and endorser. She also became famous after finishing second in Pinoy Big Brother: All In in 2014.

Racal grew up in a family that loves music and began singing and playing instruments when she was very young. She is considered a musician and vocalist who have also specializations in painting, poems, writing, acting, and dancing.

She can play a lot of instruments like her boyfriend; she can play the guitar, piano, ukulele, and beatbox and she taught herself by watching YouTube tutorials.

In addition, she was born on September 22, 1997 (age 24). Also, she grew up in Davao del Norte, Philippines, and attended St. Mary’s College in Tagum City for high school.

Maris is the fifth child of six siblings born into a musical household.

Rumors and Controversies about the Couple

When the singer and the actress revealed their relationship status to the public, many fans were left in shock as they were not expecting such events. Also, there are comments, criticisms, and opinions about their relationship since the couple has a significant age difference.

Some took it nicely and supported the couple. However, some netizens have some malicious ideas in their minds that somehow affect the couple’s feelings.

Nevertheless, these two celebrities stand firm and still love each other despite all their criticisms. Moreover, KC Conception, a Kapamilya actress, was Rico Blanco’s last alleged girlfriend, whom he dated from 2003 to 2005.

The actress has dismissed rumors that the former pair had a kid together.

Rico Blanco and Maris Racal’s Kids.

As of now, these two are still in girlfriend-boyfriend relationships. Therefore both of them do not have any children.

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