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Rick Shiels is Married to Wife: Claire Shiels

Image of Rick Shiels with his wife, Claire Shiels,, and their kids

With the social media platform giants such as YouTube and TikTok taking the world by storm, athletes such as Rick Shiels are given a medium where they can showcase their skills in sports. A 35 years old retired professional golfer and now a full-time content creator for YouTube, he has made various videos about his journey and talent in golfing with thousands of people watching it.

He started his online career a few years back and has now gained over 2 million subscribers on his channel, with his popular videos often hitting and surpassing the million mark. Even though he stopped playing the sport on a professional level, his love and passion towards it did not fade even an inch and has helped him find a new venture in the thing he loved the most.

His love for golf all started when he was still a young boy, 11 years old, with people being mesmerized by his interest in such a complicated sport. But, his early exposure to golf did not hinder his success but propelled it to greater heights with an outstanding record in the pro scene.

When he left the professional golfing scene, he created many events and fundraising activities to help those in need. His most notable donation was when YouTube Golf Day was announced, and it raised over 15,000 Euros to be donated to Prostate Cancers victims in the United Kingdom.

Is Rick Shiels Married to a wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Rick Shiels has been Married to his Wife, Claire Shiels, since 2013

Image of Rick Shiels with his wife, Claire Shiels

There is no denying that the sportsman found his love in golfing, but one person shares that spot in his heart: Rick Shiels’ wife, Claire Shiels. Being married on the 30th day of March 2013, Rick Shiels’ wife and he have now enjoyed almost a decade of unwavering love and affection.

Although the details of their wedding are pretty hidden in the eyes of the public, it is known that they celebrate their special day in front of close family, relatives, friends, and colleagues. Amid the hardships that he and Rick Shiels’ wife went through, one being that their house caught on fire, they chose to believe in love, and it conquered every hurdle in their way.

Rick Shiels’ Previous Relationships

Even though the content creator is open to sharing his knowledge and wisdom in playing golf, the opposite can be said when diving deep into his romantic relationships. However, several sources have speculated that he went through a series of heartbreaks before finding the right person for him.

While this might sound good and encouraging on paper, the former pro has not yet confirmed nor denied these allegations, and a lot of it will remain a rumour for the time being.

Claire Shiels’ Biography

Despite the fame and the recognition that the sports figure has received in his career, there is little to no information that floats around the web regarding his partner. But, it is believed that she is just as accomplished as her husband and lives comfortably while enjoying the fruits of her labour.

Rick Shiels’ Kids

Image of Rick Shiels with his wife, Claire Shiels,, and their kids

As of today, the lovers are now living with their two beautiful daughters named Ivy and Pearl. The former was their firstborn and was conceived a year after the couple decided to get married, and the latter was born in 2016.

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