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Rhys Hoskins is Married to Wife: Jayme Hoskins. Kids.

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Image of Rhys Hoskins with his wife, Jayme Hoskins

With baseball legends like Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Barry Bonds already taking their well-deserved rest from their iconic runs as players, Rhys Hoskins and others need to fill their roles.

A professional athlete, and first baseman currently signed to the Philadelphia Phillies, Mr. Hoskins is one absolute guy that upcoming fans of the sport need to get their eyes on.

First appeared at the grandest stage in all of baseball, Major League Baseball, back in 2017; he made rounds by being one of the must-see players in the current sport. At 29 years old, he already has a whopping record of 132 home runs, 242 battings, and 364 runs where he batted in.

For some of the prodigy fans of the sport, this may seem trivial; however, looking at his career that only spans more than half a decade, it is an incredible feat that deserves recognition. Since his debut, he only played for one team, and that is the Phillies, with people labeling him as a Philadelphia Phillies regular.

Interestingly, his appearance at the MLB was due to an injury that the regular outfielder Aaron Altherr had just a day before they needed to play with the New York Mets. Although his arrival at the league was met with a devastating loss, it did not hinder him from continuously pursuing his dreams, and he was later awarded Rookie of the Year in 2017.

Is the Philadelphia Phillies First Baseman Rhys Hoskins Married? Is he dating somebody?

Rhys Hoskins has been married to his wife, Jayme Hoskins, since 2019

Image of Rhys Hoskins with his wife, Jayme Hoskins

Rhys Hoskins with his wife, Jayme Hoskins

Two years after the then-rookie baseman would get his big break at the MLB, he would also match the love of his life; Rhys Hoskins’ Wife is no other than Jayme Haskins. The history of the two can be traced back to when they were still in high school, with the two constantly sitting and being around each other side no matter the challenge.

Before the couple decided to tie the knot in 2019, it is believed that Rhys Hoskins’ wife Jayme had been his girlfriend for almost six years, from high school to college, until they graduated. If anyone in the world deserves to enjoy and celebrate the successes of the baseball star, it most definitely should be Rhys Hoskins’ wife.

Rhys Hoskins’ Previous Relationships

Given that the two have already been a thing since they were teenagers, there is this idea that it might be plausible for the baseman to have no other romantic relationships before his wife. Furthermore, there are no other reports of previous lovers coming to the forefront when talking about the dating history of the Phillies’ baseball player.

Jayme Bermudez Hoskins’ Biography

The incredible blonde lady always seen watching the games of the Philadelphia Phillies and in photos with the star is no other than Jayme Bermudez Hoskins. She is the loving and caring partner of the professional athlete and has always supported him in ways that can encourage him inside and outside the field.

Furthermore, when it comes to the life of Jayme, she is believed to be a Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration, and Sports Management Degree Holder of the California Polytechnic. She should have worked as an Executive for Alexy Posner Public Relations.

Rhys Hoskins’ Kids

Currently, there is no information regarding possible kids the couple might have had since their marriage back in 2019.

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