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Ray McElrathbey is Married to Wife: Brittany Cieara. Kids: Ramon, Tristan, Quick.

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American footballer Ray Mcelrathbey

Ray McElrathbey’s life was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. The former Clemson star Safety even had a movie about it.

Ray faced a life mired with addiction and poverty at a very young age. But as depicted in the film, Ray overcame all the hurdles to become the successful person he is right now.

Ray McElrathbey’s Support during College

During his college career, The NCAA gave Ray a special pass that allowed him to get help from locals and Clemson.

This program benefited Ray and his brother, Fahrmarr, who Ray was taking care of. The idea that they had in mind was a trust store that would support their daily necessities

Where is Ray McElrathbey’s right now? 

After his stint with Clemson, the former safety resides with his kids and wife in Atlanta. On his Instagram account, Ray occasionally shares his life and what he is currently doing.

As a matter of course, many people got curious about the woman that captured the Safety star. In light of that, let’s get to know more about his wife.

Ray Mcelrathbey on his Disney Movie "Safety"
American footballer Ray Mcelrathbey on his Disney Movie “Safety.”

Ray McElrathbey and Britanny Cieara’s Kids and Love Life

Though there is not much about how they started, Ray is currently tied down to Brittany Cieara Mcelrathbey. Besides the fact that Brittany was born in 1993.

She will be age 29 this year, and there is no other information about her.

Seemingly, age didn’t matter between the love of the two, as Ray is seven years older than his wife, Brittany.

In their marriage, the couple already has three children named Ramon, Tristan, and Quick.

There hasn’t been any news, reports, or post from Ray on whether they expect the fourth one. But seeing how they’re more in love than ever, followers of the duo could only hope for it.

Practically growing up as an orphan, Ray McElrathbey knew that he had to take a different path from his parents.

Besides the forefront of being an inspiration to others, Ray was also a devoted family man.

With his wife and kids, Ray would often be spotted vacationing at places and just having their family time with each other.

According to Ray, his time with his family is ‘another part of recovery,’ presumably from his horrendous past.

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