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Is Ray Lipowski is Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Ray Lipowsk

They say laughter is good medicine, and who wouldn’t love a good laugh from time to time? Ray Lipowski, a stand-up comedian, takes the stress out of people through his jokes and would surely take yours too. 

Since creativity and self-expression is his greatest asset, he also has a skill in writing, acting, and playing music. One of his notable works in the said field is the film called Humble Pie, where he played Buddy. 

With a net worth of over $3 million, the comedian knows how to socialize with people, which is the primary skill needed in his career. Because of his gifts in communication, Lipowski can easily uplift those around him, thus bringing more success and happiness. 

Currently, the stand-up comedian performs in the Comedy Central Show “Russell Simmons Presents Stand-Up at the El Rey, which JB Smoove hosts. The show sold-out to over 2,500 audiences, but Lipowski doesn’t care about the size of the crowd, for what matters most to him is that he could bring smiles to people’s faces.

Is Ray Lipowski married? Who is Ray Lipowski’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Ray Lipowski has been Married to Wife.

Image of Ray Lipowski
Ray Lipowski is a writer, actor, speaker, and a TV personality

Because he is a white man, comedian Ray Lipowski is very proud to have a woman of color for a wife. During his shows, he never forgets to bring up his wife and openly shares his obsession with her.

He posted a photograph of his wife on his Myspace account with the caption “It’s an oreo cookie!! Myself, Ms. BET Host Underwood and I think my wife,” but it was instantly deleted after it was posted. Since then, there has been no information about Lipowski’s wife or family. However, that doesn’t stop him from mentioning his family or past relationship in his shows.

We will update this write-up once details and information about Ray Lipowski’s wife become available. So stay tuned!

Ray Lipowski’s Biography

Born on the 15th of December 1965 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Ray Lipowski first started as a postal worker before performing his jokes on a platform. He made his way to becoming a comedian after competing in a comedy contest where he ended up in 3rd place, instantly making him realize his career path.

In 2005, he was featured in one of HBO’s shows, Bad Boys of Comedy, which helped him garner more fans. He was also recognized by Bet’s Comic view because of his comedic talent, thus making him a regular performer on the show for three years.

Unfortunately, during his performance in Walter Latham’s Youtube show Comedy After Dark, unbeknownst to Lipowski, he insulted the show’s Jenna Jameson by making insensitive comments when she had pronounced his name wrong. 

His behavior on that show does not sit right with Walter. That’s why Ray received a heavy blow from Walter after the gig, resulting in a broken jaw. Currently, there are no updates about the relationship between the two, but there were case reports about Walter Latham’s arrest. Lipowski, on the other hand, is still active in the industry and still keeping himself occupied by making people laugh.

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