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Phil Mickelson Wife, Amy Mickelson and Kids

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American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson

When it comes to golf, some might have a picture of Lefty playing the sport. Lefty is a native American professional golfer since 2000. He goes by the name Philip Alfred Mickelson. Furthermore, his talent in golf has won him an excessive number of tournaments on the PGA Tour. Let’s get a clear insight about the life of Phil Mickelson and his wife.

This numerous title record holder is now 50 years old but still has many fans after him. But other than the fantastic pieces of play Phil has provided over the years; fans want to know more of him outside of the golf course, particularly his personal life.

Unlike most celebrities, fans are happy to know that Phil’s marriage is still intact, even if it has been years since they married. Since the dawn of the 90s, Phil has stayed loyal to only one woman even though the couple suffered a lot.

Phil Mickelson Has Married His Wife, Amy Mickelson

Amy and Phil are a powerful couple who have a 25-year-long married life. The Mickelson couple first met in 1992 as they crossed their paths during their college days at Arizona State University. During that time, Amy was a junior, whereas Phil was her senior. Moreover, Amy was the NBA’s Phoenix Suns cheerleader, and Phil was already a professional golf player.

When the two exchanged interactions, Amy thought Phil worked at the golf course shop. Amy had no idea of Phil’s reputation. They first built a friendship, but slowing things started building up as Phil and Amy went out together more often.

Phil’s first date with Amy happened to be at the tennis ground. Also, Phil had once sent an invitation to Amy to join him at ‘Bob Hope Celebrity Pro-am’ in California state at Palm Springs.

American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson with his wife
American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson with his wife Amy Mickelson.


On November 16, 1996, Phil finally tied the knot with his college girlfriend, Amy Mickelson. The couple is a great candidate to have the most beautiful love life in the sports industry. Phil and Amy have built a strong relationship over the past two decades and are still going strong as usual. Furthermore, they are among the few among American celebrities to defy the negative culture of a failed relationship.

Moreover, as proof of their strong relationship, Phil stood by Amy during her battle with breast cancer. Phil and Amy are also proud founders of the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation, which they began in 2004.

Amy Mickelson Wikipedia

Millions of people now recognize Amy Mickelson as the prominent wife of the golfer, Lefty. But outside her fame, Amy is a native American born in 1972, and her family name is McBride. More answers on her background are not available.

However, we know that Amy attended Arizona State University and was a sports enthusiast. Furthermore, she was a part of a cheerleader group named Phoenix Suns during her college days. But by the end of her education days, Amy dreamed of becoming an actress in Hollywood. She has also appeared at ESPN SportsCentury documentary alongside her husband.

Amy is also a strong woman who has had the experience of battling breast cancer in 2009. This momentarily put Phil’s PGA Tour on hold as well. Fortunately, she beat cancer and could watch her husband win his third Green Jacket.


In the period of their 25-year-long marriage, Phil and Amy have shared three adorable children. They first had a daughter on June 21 in 1999, named Amanda Brynn, and the oldest of the siblings. Two years later, on October 23, Amy again had a child with Phil. Yet again, the family conceived a daughter named Sophia Isabel. Finally, Amy gave birth to their only son on March 23 in 2003. However, both were in fatal condition during the process. With Amy’s strong will and the doctor’s decisive act, the baby and mother were able to survive.

Net Worth

It is no surprise that with Phil’s massive success in his career, the family must have a good fortune. As of 2021, the veteran golfer’s family lives lavishly due to Phil’s income flow as a golfer. So far, Phil has generated an estimate of net worth $400 million, making him one of the wealthiest athletes.

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