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Peabo Bryson is Married to Wife: Tanya Boniface Bryson. Kids.

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Image of Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson

Robert L. Bryson commonly known as Peabo Bryson is a renowned singer and songwriter who was born in New York City, USA. He is famous for singing Soul ballads, such as “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love” with Roberta Flack, which is his signature style.

Bryson has composed music for two Disney animated films. Two Grammys have been bestowed upon Bryson.

The product of a bit of town in South Carolina, Peabo Bryson grew up in Mauldin, South Carolina, on his grandfather’s farm

Music was a big part of his childhood thanks to his mother smothers frequent attendance at performances by prominent African-American musicians of the day. Bryson’s French West Indian name, Peapod, was difficult for Freeman to pronounce, so he decided to perform as Peabo.

Do you want to know who the renowned singer Peabo Bryson’s wife is? If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading.

Peabo Bryson is Married to Wife Tanya Boniface Bryson since 2010

Image of Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson
Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson

Peabo discussed his newest album, his young wife, and the ways in which he and his wife have managed to keep the spark of romance alive in an interview. Tanya Boniface Bryson, who is Bryson’s wife and is half African and half European-British, was a member of the famous British female band 411 before marrying Bryson.

Peabo gave appreciation to the late Aretha Franklin for assisting him in his search for genuine love and guiding him through the process. He revealed that had it not been for Franklin’s encouragement to wait it out till he found the partner Bryson was seeking, he most likely would not have gotten married.

She had advised him to do so. Peabo heeded her counsel, and as a result, he was eventually able to find his wife, Tanya, who very almost did not end up becoming his first wife.

In the beginning, he was interested in Juanita Leonard, and they became very close to each other and got married. When they first met, Tanya was just 30 years old, while he was 56 years old at the time.

Bryson revealed that he and his wife both had a strong appreciation for music, which played a role in strengthening their relationship. In addition to this, he clarified that friendship was the cornerstone of any healthy relationship and that superficial qualities such as appearance and attractiveness could not keep a couple together.

Peabo emphasized the significance of friendship, but he underlined the importance of maintaining excitement and the air of mystery in the relationship. Regarding how to make a relationship work, Bryson encouraged individuals to reject the conventional roles of husband and wife.

He admitted that he had no problem with changing his son’s diapers or cooking for his family.

Tanya Boniface Bryson’s Biography

Tanya Boniface Bryson, who is married to Peabo Bryson and is of mixed African and European-British ancestry, used to be a member of the well-known female group 411 in the United Kingdom before marriage to Bryson. Peabo Bryson’s wife is the mother of one child named Robert. Tanya’s birthday is on the 25th of October, 1983, which makes her age 30.

Dating History

Angela Thigpen

The renowned singer was engaged to Angela Thigpen, the Miss Virginia Teen USA, before marrying his present wife, Tanya.

Juanita Leonard

Peabo was engaged to his ex-fiancée Juanita and had been in a relationship for a while, but due to personal reasons, they split up. Juanita was the former wife of boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard.

Peabo Bryson’s Kids

Image of Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson, and their son, Rober Kittrick Peabo
Peabo Bryson with his wife, Tanya Boniface Bryson, and their son, Rober Kittrick Peabo

Linda Bryson

Having been born in 1986, the present age of Linda is 53 years of age. It has been revealed that she is the daughter of the renowned musician Peabo and an unidentified woman.

As a result, Peabo is now a grandfather to three grandchildren.

Rober Kittrick Peabo

He is the son of the renowned singer with his lovely wife, Tanya. Robert was born on the 1st of January 2018 and is currently four years old.

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