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Paul Holes is Married to Wife: Sherrie Meda Holes

Image of Paul Holes

If you have been living under a rock for the past year or so, you may not have heard the trend of people watching actual crime investigations with people like Paul Holes presenting it. He and many others have helped solve some of the most notorious cases in history, a cold-case investigator who is hailing from the state of Florida, USA.

Moreover, his reputation for solving the puzzling details of the murder and other illegal activities precedes him as people on the internet noticed his work. Dubbed as the prime variable in determining who the Golden State Killer was, he became a household name in the world of police work and social media.

In addition to his occupation as a remarkable detective, he is also a writer and podcaster. The latter is where he was praised and has even had his fanbase #HotforHoles. The Murder Squad podcast featured talks and conversations about unsolved crimes, missing person files, and even the unidentifiable remains of murder victims.

At 54 years old, he has settled the hearts of many families devastated because of the fate that befalls their loved ones. He is already a decorated officer with a legacy to be remembered for years and years and has been an icon in investigation and crime.

Who is Paul Holes’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Paul Holes has been Married to his wife, Sherrie Meda Holes.

Image of Paul Holes
Paul Holes is an American former cold-case investigator for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office. He is known for his work in solving the Golden State Killer case with DNA and genealogy technology.

As the subhead suggests, the investigator is a married man and is currently enjoying his life in a stable relationship with his partner. For those of you who are still catching up on the officer’s life, Paul Holes’ wife’s name is Sherrie Meda Holes, and they have been married for over two decades.

A love story that began when he and Paul Holes’ wife were still in their young adult lives working and striving to get their dreams to reach their palms. After a few moments of courting from both parties, they finally decided it was high time for them to make it official and tie the knot.

They married on an undisclosed date and in front of close family members, colleagues, and friends. The reason for this ranges from privacy to preference.

Paul Holes’ Previous Relationships

There is no denying that Paul Holes’ wife Sherrie fell for him, considering how he looks, earns his money, receives recognition, and just the coolness of his job. Fortunately, it might be plausible that Sherrie is the only woman the crime podcaster had his eyes on and no one else.

Sherrie Meda Holes’ Biography

It is without a doubt that Mrs. Holes is one silent and private person. She had kept silent since she was married to the internet sensation before and after all the fame he got from his job.

She is, however, a wonderful woman, and the true crime-solver is lucky to consider her as his lawfully wedded partner.

Paul Holes’ Kids

Given how quiet the couple has been about their romantic life, it’s no surprise that the same sentiment can be said when talking about their kids. Even though their names are not yet disclosed to the public, it is confirmed that they are already in their adulting years.

They are proud parents of two beautiful daughters, one of them being the highlight of Mr. Holes’ Instagram post, congratulating her child after becoming a married woman.

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