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Paul Brunson is Married to Wife: Jill Brunson. Kids

Image of Paul Brunson with his wife, Jill Brunson, and their son, Kingston

Today, loving someone that would make you feel true love is quite tricky, especially considering how vast the world is, but people like Paul Brunson are changing that. Unlike the olden times when people would want to be in connection with someone they know, in modern times, it’s the exact opposite.

Due to the ever-expanding world of social media and TV, people like him are trying to connect the ties of people that are strangers and pair them with someone that would fit them. Some of your friends may have tried shipping you with some of their single friends before; well, Mr. Brunson is kind of like that, but make it 10x more effective.

His ways of seeing the similarities and the good in people got him the title of “The World’s Most Influential Matchmaker,” with loads of couples having happy endings because of him. He is most notable for his appearance as one of the leading experts behind the matchmaking process of the reality dating show Married at First Sight.”

However, the world of romance and dating is not the only career venture he ever had his excellent hands-on before. With his company Endmost Therapy, he leads a team of licensed Psychotherapists and Psychologists to help people with therapy, guidance, and counseling.

Who is Paul Brunson’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Paul Brunson has been Married to his wife, Jill Brunson, since 2000

Image of Paul Brunson with his wife, Jill Brunson
Paul Brunson with his wife, Jill Brunson

We all know that the entrepreneur is quite the expert in matching and pairing up people with their significant others, but does his love life speak credibility? Well, quite frankly, the answer would be a very resounding Yes!

Paul Brunson’s wife has been married to the TV personality since the 2000s, and they have known each other for over two decades in 2022. While he may not have a 100% win ratio regarding his pairings, his immense skill in finding the right one for him may have paid off.

Paul Brunson’s wife Jill met the host when they were still studying at the Old Dominion University in Virginia in the United States. Since then, they have become partners in crime and quite possibly solved the dreading issue of being married.

Paul Brunson’s Previous Relationships

Looking at the years of love the two have shared in their lives, it is safe to say that the businessman may have found his first and only true love in Jill. There are no other reports of past partners he had before meeting her.

Jill Brunson’s Biography

Well, it seems apparent that in their household, the Television host may not only be the matchmaker because Paul Brunson’s wife Jill is also a love expert. Born into a humble family, Jill Brunson was not fond of the flashing lights and the cameras that surrounded her when they were together.

However, as time goes by, she acclimated to it and is now unbothered by any interviews and television appearances they may have to attend daily. Currently, she is a homeschooling mother, teaching and taking care of their kids while also being a responsible and supportive partner.

Paul Brunson’s Kids

Image of Paul Brunson with his wife, Jill Brunson, and their kids, Liam and Kingston
Paul Brunson with his wife, Jill Brunson, and their kids, Liam and Kingston

The couple’s love resulted in the birth of their two young boys, Liam and Kingston. There is not much information available surrounding their personal lives, but it is definite that they are still in their elementary years and living a comfortable life with their parents.

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