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Pat Smear is Married to Wife: Jena Cardwell. Kids

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Image of Pat Smear with his wife, Jena Cardwell

Georg Albert Ruthenberg, prominently known by Pat Smear, is a music artist from the United States of America. A punk band named The Germs from Los Angeles was co-established by Smear alongside played as the lead guitarist.

Furthermore, he is also the band’s rhythm guitarist named Foo Fighters. Currently, the band has six studio albums under their credit.

The well-known musician was delivered and nurtured in West Los Angeles, California. His parents are the reason why he is pursuing music as his career.

At a young age, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. Not long after, he developed an interest and self-taught himself how to play the guitar.

Coming from a conservative family, the music artist grew up to be very religious. Due to his background, he entered a commune at age 13.

Realizing that it was not for him, he enrolled in an Innovative Program School to finish his studies in an alternative way. This is where he met Crash, the band’s co-founder named The Germs, which was quickly disbanded due to certain circumstances.

Are you curious about Pat Smear’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about his marriage and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Pat Smear is Married to Jena Cardwell

Image of Pat Smear with his wife, Jena Cardwell
Pat Smear with his wife, Jena Cardwell

As a talented musician himself, the love life of Pat Smear is frequently looked up online. Curious fans have discovered that the musician is already married to a wife named Jena Cardwell.

According to reports, the couple had been dating for a long time before deciding to tie the knot. However, specific details about their marriage were not disclosed to the public as of this writing.

In an interview, Smear mentioned that he and Jena had their first encounter when their band, The Germs, was founded. They were introduced alongside other people, but they were interested in each other from that moment on.

However, the band co-established by the musician was quick to disband. This was because the co-founder named Crash ended his life through an overdose of heroin.

It’s not a secret that Smear was disappointed with what had transpired. Nevertheless, he said that he was thankful that he and his wife were introduced.

According to reports, Pat Smear’s wife was with the musician since the second show of the band. She has been very supportive ever since.

Based on the shows of the said band, they have been together for more than two decades already. Rumors claim that Pat Smear’s wife is the artist behind the musician’s album covers.

Their marriage looks like a fantasy to the majority—the perfect combination of a musician and an artist.

Smear once mentioned in an interview that he would not be where he is today without the guidance of his wife. His songs are primarily dedicated to the love of his life.

Further details about their relationship and marriage were not disclosed to the public as of this writing. They prefer to keep things at bay to avoid unnecessary attention from the media.

Pat Smear’s Kids

Image of Pat Smear and Jena Cardwell with their daughter
Pat Smear and Jena Cardwell with their daughter

Being together for more than two decades, the musician and his wife have already made their way to create a beautiful family. According to reports, they already have a child.

Nonetheless, specific information about the child is not known to the public. Being people of influence, they have gone through the wrong sides of media.

They once mentioned in an interview that they don’t want their only child to go through whatever they have gone through. They added that it was not a pleasant feeling, and they were only trying to protect their kid from the harm that comes with fame.

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