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Oliver Phelps is Married to Wife: Kate Humpage. Kids.

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Image of Oliver Phelps with his wife, Katy Humpage

English actor Oliver Phelps is famously known for portraying George Weasley in the Harry Potter films series from 2001 to 2011.

Aside from Harry Potter, Phelps starred in several films, including A Mind’s Eye (2019), Danny and the Human Zoo (2015), and Last Night in Soho (2021).

He also hosts a podcast with his twin brother, James Phelps, on numerous streaming platforms.

To know more about English actor Oliver Phelps’ wife, their relationship, and their kids, read more of this article below!

Oliver Phelps has been married to his wife Katy Humpage since 2015


Katy Humpage is the wife of Oliver Phelps, and they began dating each other sometime in 2008.

Based on reports, they studied at the same university and were so close to each other that they were considered college sweethearts.

They had a couple of breakups and had an on-and-off relationship over the years.

Finally, Oliver and Katy’s wedding occurred, and they got married on the 4th of July 2015, in front of their family and friends, and have been happily married for six years.

Since 2013, their family has lived in Santa Monica, California, and divided their time between the US and the UK.

Katy Humpage biography

Katy Humpage, Oliver Phelps’ wife, was born on the 30th day of November 1979 in England; she is 42 years old as of April 2022.

The star’s wife is an only child to her parents, who are unknown by the media. Along with her husband, Katy is a devoted Christian.

As Oliver Phelps’ wife likes to keep herself out of the public eye and has no known social media accounts, most of her details are unavailable, and she was only seen a few times appearing with her husband at events.

Unfortunately, we have not found any Wikipedia profile of Oliver Phelps’ wife, Katy Humpage, available. We will revise this article once one is made.

Previous Relationships

According to reports, before the relationship with his wife, Oliver Phelps had an affair with fellow actress Heather Hollingsworth.

She appeared in movies and is known for acting in The Garden (2016), Bum’s Rush (2017), and Two Sentence Horror Stories.

Oliver Phelps’ kids

Image of Oliver Phelps and Katy Humpage with their daughter
The actor and Katy Humpage with their daughter

Oliver and his wife have done an excellent job keeping their family life lowkey. According to the Wikipedia page, the married couple has one child.

They have a daughter whose name, age, and birth date are unidentified. The English actor has not posted any pictures of his daughter on his social media accounts.

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