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Nigel Barker is Married to Wife: Cristen Barker. Kids: Jasmine Ines, Jack.

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Image of Nigel and Cristen Barker with their kids, Jack and Jasmine Ines Barker

Notable as the host of the American reality TV series, The Face, and the judge-photographer of the American reality TV series, America’s Next Top Model, Nigel Barker is an English fashion photographer, former model, filmmaker, author, spokesperson, and TV show personality.

Read more of this article to know more about English fashion photographer actor Nigel Barker’s wife, Cristen Barker, their relationship information, and kids!

Nigel Barker has been married to his wife Cristen Barker since 1999

Image of Nigel Barker with is wife, Cristen Barker
Nigel Barker’s wife, Cristen Barker

In 1998, Nigel Barker met Cristen Chin in Milan; she was a model and CoverGirl representative. They connected through Cristen’s agent, where he felt love at first sight and told her what he describes as the worst pickup line ever.

That night, he called his mom, told her about the woman, and said his plans to marry her. Not long after, they started dating.

Finally, the couple got married, and Cristen officially became Nigel Barker’s wife on the 16th day of October 1999, a year after their first meeting, before their family and friends. They have been married for almost twenty-three years with no rumors of separation, as they both handle their relationship well and maturely.

They currently reside in Woodstock, Ulster County, New York, with their children, Jasmine Ines and Jack, and Memphis’s lovely dog.

Cristen Barker’s Biography

Image of Cristen Barker with her kids, Jack and Jasmine Ines Barker
Cristen Barker with her kids, Jack and Jasmine Ines Barker

They are also known as ChinTwins, a nickname given when high school students, an Instagram-famous yoga duo. Born with an identical twin, Kimberly, they were welcomed into this world on the 30th day of November 1974 in Fairhope, Alabama, to a Chinese father and an Irish mother. Names are undisclosed; they are 47 years old.

When they were young, they loved ballet, yoga, dance, and jazz which gave them the desired qualities needed for the fashion industry. After finishing their high school education, their careers started in Miami.

Soon after, in the mid-1990s, they successfully modeled in New York, Paris, Milan, and London and worked as fashion models for numerous magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure, and Elle; they were CoverGirl representatives for America’s Next Top Model. She traveled the country to work on Next Stop, New You, a make-over show in the early 2000s.

When the British TV personality launched his photography career, Nigel Barker’s wife joined her husband as a Makeup Artist. Presently, she juggles her time taking care of their two kids, managing their photography business, and doing regular yoga practice.

Sadly, we have not obtained any Wikipedia profile of Nigel Barker’s wife, Cristen Barker, as none is available yet. We will update this article’s information immediately once one comes up.

Nigel Barker’s Profile

He was born on the 27th day of April 1972 in London, England, to an Irish-Portuguese father and Sri Lankan mother; he is 49 years old. He has five other siblings from three marriages of his parents, who lived in the United Kingdom and moved out when he was 18.

He went to Bryanston School and took A-levels in chemistry, biology, and physics. He was set to study medicine but was encouraged by his mother to enter the British TV model search show, The Clothes Show, where his career started.

Nigel Barker’s Kids

Image of Nigel and Cristen Barker with their kids, Jack and Jasmine Ines Barker
Nigel and Cristen Barker with their kids, Jack and Jasmine Ines Barker

The British photographer has two kids in total. Nigel Barker’s wife gave birth to a son and daughter, respectively, within the years of their marriage.

  1. Jack Barker

He is the eldest child among the two, born on the 28th day of November 2005, and is 16 years old.

  1. Jasmine Ines Barker

She is the married couple’s youngest child, born on the 7th day of December 2008, and is 13 years old.

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