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Nick Sirianni is Married to Wife: Brett Ashley Cantwell. Kids.

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Image of Nick Sirainni and Brett Ashley Cantwell with her kids, Jacob, Miles, and Taylor Sirianni

National Football League head coach Nick Sirianni is a football coach from the USA who is currently in charge of the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL). The Indianapolis Colts hired him in 2018 as their offensive coordinator after he worked as an assistant coach at San Diego/Los Angeles and Kansas City.

Fran and Amy Sirianni are the parents of Sirianni. He is of Italian ancestry and is now an American citizen.

Nick graduated from Southwestern Central High School in 1999 when his father was the head football coach. Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio, is where Sirianni played college football as a wide receiver.

A calf injury and compartment syndrome nearly terminated his playing career as a sophomore. Find more details about NFL head coach Nick Sirianni’s wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell, and their marriage.

Also, information about their kids!

Nick Sirianni and Brett Ashley Cantwell’s Marriage

Image of Nick Sirianni with his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell
Nick Sirianni with his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell

Before becoming engaged in 2012, Nick and the woman who would one day become his wife, Ashley Cantwell, dated for two years. They concluded that they wanted to get married, and they did so on the 22nd day of  June 2013, at Schweitzer United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

The newlyweds decided to spend their first honeymoon together at Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Republic. The head coach and his wife, Brett, kept their marriage strong despite the difficulties they were forced to deal with.

There has been utter silence regarding the breakup between the two parties up until this moment. The football coach and his wife, Brett, have been married for almost ten years, and it does not look like their relationship is on the verge of breaking up any time soon.

Nick and his wife, Brett Ashley Cantwell, have been given the gift of parenthood with three children. Their only daughter is named Taylor, and in addition to her, they have a son named Jacob and another son named Miles.

Brett Ashley Cantwell’s Biography

Brett Ashley Cantwell, also known as Brett Ashley Sirianni, was born in Springfield, Missouri, to her parents, Debbie Cantwell and Brad Cantwell. It has not been determined when exactly she was born.

Brett Ashley Cantwell is an American by birth and is of the Caucasian ethnicity. The nationality of Nick Sirianni’s wife is that of the United States.

There is no information known regarding her early life, her siblings, or her academic history that is currently available. On the other hand, the occupation of Nick Sirianni’s wife is as an educator.

The public began paying attention to Brett Ashley Cantwell after she started a connection with Nick Sirianni, a coach in the NFL. They got to know each other in Kansas City, where Nick Sirianni’s Wife was working as a teacher, and the Kansas City Chiefs employed him at the time.

Nevertheless, Brett Ashley Cantwell and her future husband Nick never contacted one another until Brett’s sister persuaded her to go out with Nick. The coach managed to win her favor.

Nick Sirianni’s Kids

Image of Brett Ashley Cantwell with her kids, Jacob, Miles, and Taylor Sirianni
Brett Ashley Cantwell with her kids, Jacob, Miles, and Taylor Sirianni
  1. Jacob Sirianni

He is the son of the head coach Nick Sirianni with his wife, Brett Ashley. Unfortunately, there is no information about Jacob’s birthdate and age.

  1. Miles Sirianni

He is the son of Nick with his lovely wife, Brett. There is no information about Miles’ birthdate and age like his brother.

  1. Taylor Sirianni

She is the only child that her father, Nick, and his wife, Brett, have together. There is no information available to the public concerning the day and age at which Taylor was born, just as there is no information about her siblings.

Nevertheless, you should not worry about that since we will update this article if new information emerges.

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