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Who is Mookie Betts Wife-to-be Girlfriend/Baby Mama?

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American professional baseball right fielder, Mookie Betts

Markus Lynn Betts is now one of the most valuable players in baseball. The professional right-fielder goes by the name Mookie Betts. The Dodger star, and former Red Sox, has now built a remarkable reputation in the sports industry. The American baseball player has garnished many baseball fans, especially in the U.S. Furthermore, let’s learn about Mookie Betts and his wife.

Among all the success that Markus has received due to his impressive skills, fans wonder if there is a woman behind Markus’s success. It is no surprise that Mookie has been seen with a woman in the past few years. The media could not help but buzz about Mookie’s girlfriend. The question in everyone’s mind now is whether or not Mookie has called for the wedding bells.

Mookie Betts is Not Married Yet

As it turns out, Mookie, the 28-year-old baseball player, is yet to marry his alleged girlfriend. As of now, fans are well aware that Mookie is dating his long-time girlfriend, Brianna Hammonds.

About Mookie Betts Wife-To-Be Brianna Hammonds

It is only a matter of time before Mookie puts a wedding ring on Brianna’s finger. But before Mookie does so, let us know about Brianna in as much detail as possible.


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After Mookie’s rise in fame throughout his career, Brianna is also getting some fame herself. Other than being famous as Mookie’s childhood girlfriend, different information about Brianna is coming to light. Unfortunately, Brianna prefers not to speak about herself in the media, which has made it difficult to know more about her.

Early Life

Brianna Bett’s full name is Brianna Michelle Hammonds. The soon-to-be wife of a Red Sox player was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Moreover, Brianna’s date of birth is the 7th of August, 1992, which makes her 28 years old.

Indeed, Brianna belongs to the black ethnic group of America despite holding American nationality. Unfortunately, more information on Brianna’s family background is not available. But we know that Brianna completed her education at Middle Tennessee State University and graduated from there in 2015.


Since her graduation was in 2015, the media believes that Brianna had less time to settle for a job as she became a mother in 2018. Moreover, her husband alone has such a staggering wealth that Brianna does not necessarily need to work.

Right now, Brianna lives with Mookie in her hometown as a housewife. Furthermore, Brianna is a bit less active on Instagram, but it seems true that she is a housewife from her posts.

First Meeting

Brianna and Mookie know about each other since they were in middle school. At the time, Brianna was in seventh grade, whereas Mookie was in eighth grade. They were first friends but went on to their first date on the 29th of August 2005. At that time, Brianna was only 11, and Mookie was nearly 14. The soon-to-be Betts couple also shared the picture of their first kiss on Instagram.

It is remarkable that even after a decade, Brianna and Mookie are still in love with one another. During Mookie’s games, Brianna has come to watch her boyfriend play live for a couple of occasions. Nonetheless, Briana believes her to be Mookie’s most loyal fan and a cheerleader, just like her mother-in-law.


Although Mookie is yet to score a home run by marrying Brianna, he did manage to swing for the fences by announcing his engagement. Ever since making his debut in 2014, he has stayed focused on building his career. Perhaps this is why Mookie has not had any time to marry his girlfriend.

Mookie tried to finalize the wedding in 2018, but the birth of their baby postponed the plans. But the beginning of 2021 saw Mookie take his relationship to a new level. Finally, the Dodger star went on to propose to Brianna on the 11th of January 2021.

The Betts couple were attending a dinner with former Yankees pitcher C.C. Sabathia. It was the time when Mookie achieved the 2020 LegaCCy Award. But after receiving the award, Mookie stayed on stage to propose to Brianna in front of everyone.

The proposal event of Brianna and Mookie took place in Nashville, and the celebrations followed in Sabathia’s house as well. Friends, families, and relatives who were present at the moment could attend Brianna and Mookie’s engagement ceremony.

Mookie Betts engaged with Brianna Hammonds
American professional baseball right fielder Mookie Betts proposes his girlfriend, Brianna Hammonds.

Mookie Betts Baby

Even before they were engaged, never mind marrying, the Betts couple were already parents to their now 3-year-old daughter. On the 6th of November 2018, Mookie and Brianna gave birth to Kynlee Ivory. Moreover, fans began speculating the brewing relationship of Mookie and Brianna when they saw Mookie with a woman and Kynlee on the pitch.

Nevertheless, this adorable baby girl has visited her father’s matches alongside her mother, Brianna. Furthermore, it turns out that Kynlee is fond of her dad playing baseball. Also, Brianna and Mookie are trying their best for Kynlee to avoid any early spotlight.

After a recent engagement and proper parenting, the Betts couple seems to have figure out everything about their future. Kynlee also had the fortune of witnessing their parents’ engagement and soon the wedding as well.

Mookie Betts and Brianna Hammonds with their daughter
Mookie Betts and fiance Brianna Hammonds with their adorable baby girl.

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