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Mike Woodson is Married to Wife: Terri LaQuita Howard. Kids

Image of Mike Woodson with his wife, Terri LaQuita Howard

Michael Dean Woodson, also known as Mike Woodson, is famous for being a basketball coach from the United States of America. Before committing to a role of a coach, he used to play for Indiana Hoosiers, which fueled his knowledge concerning the said sport.

He spent ten years playing for the said team under the National Basketball Association. Before his current contract, he used to coach Atlanta Hawks and New York Knicks.

The team he is coaching right now recently hired him in the year 2021. From the beginning of his career, he has been bringing victory to the team every gaming season.

The dedication of the previous professional athlete of basketball to the said sport makes people assume that it is the same for Mike Woodson’s wife. Find out in this Wikipedia-type

article by reading further.

Mike Woodson is Married to his Wife: Terri LaQuita Howard

Image of Mike Woodson with his wife, Terri LaQuita Howard
Mike Woodson with his wife, Terri LaQuita Howard

It seems like the basketball coach has dedicated his life to basketball. On the other aspect of his life, a particular Mike Woodson’s wife already exists as of this writing.

The lucky woman who gets to witness his greatness every single day was discovered to be named Terri LaQuita Howard. She has been with the professional coach even before his

prominence; that is why she is regarded as Mike Woodson’s wife.

The lovely duo tied the knot on the 9th day of August in an unidentified year. It was identified because of the coach’s Instagram post containing the date of their marriage.

Even though the couple has been private about their relationship, they are usually seen in public with their daughters. On a specific occasion, Mike Woodson’s wife was spotted with

him, specifically at Woodson Gala which occurred in 2016 in Las Vegas.

Since their marriage was officiated, no rumors and controversies were published about them. It was due to the preference of Mike Woodson’s wife to stay lowkey and live their lives


Who is Terri LaQuita Howard?

Terri LaQuita Howard is mainly regarded as Mike Woodson’s wife. There is not much information available about her because she only rose to prominence when she tied the knot

with a famous basketball coach.

Furthermore, the former professional athlete never fails to appreciate her because of her strength in raising their daughters. He mentioned that he is absent most of the time, so the

the task of being a mother and a father was laid on the shoulders of his wife, which was ace by her.

Mike Woodson’s Kids

Image of Mike Woodson with his wife, Terri LaQuita Howard, and their daughter, Alexis One and Mariah Kayla
Mike Woodson with his wife, Terri LaQuita Howard, and their daughter, Alexis One and Mariah Kayla

The marriage of the couple resulted in two beautiful ladies under their marriage register. Mike Woodson’s wife birthed two children who are both into sports like their father.

Their first daughter is Alexis One, who was delivered into this world on the 16th day of October in 1989. She was followed by their second daughter named, Mariah Kayla, on

the 6th day of May in 1991.

Both of their children are varsities of Volleyball at Georgia Tech. It was reportedly influenced by their father’s dedication to sports.

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