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Mike O’Hearn is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Mona Muresan.  

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Image of Mike O'Hearn and Mona Muresan with their son, Titan O'Hearn

Mike O’Hearn is a renowned American fitness model, bodybuilder, actor, and physical trainer who has been a four-time titleholder of Mr. “Natural” Universe. He founded Power Bodybuilding, a strength, aesthetics, and hypertrophy training program.

Additionally, he has been featured and appeared on over 500 covers of different magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Musclemag, and Muscle Media which has earned him seven Fitness Model of the Year awards. Find out more about American bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn’s wife, current dating status, life, and relationship details.

Take a look to know his past marriage and kids in this article!

Mike O’Hearn is not married to wife. Dating girlfriend: Mona Muresan. 

Image of Mike O'Hearn with his partner, Mona Muresan
Mike O’Hearn with his partner, Mona Muresan

The fitness model is not yet married and is not single either; his girlfriend, Mona Muresan, takes him. Though they are reportedly married, the couple had not confirmed any speculations about the topic and had not hinted at past weddings.

Though it was unrevealed when they started dating each other, they have had great chemistry and bond as they both share the same likes for fitness. Fans have hoped for her to be Mike O’Hearn’s wife ever since the public knew about their romantic relationship.

Mona Muresan biography                                                                                        

Mona was born on the 4th day of October 1975 in Romania, but later, in 1992, she immigrated to America, along with her family, when she was 16; she is 47 years old. According to reports, she had not pursued education when she moved to the country.

Mike O’Hearn’s wife, the future, started to work when she was only 17 at a Queens, New York bar. She continued working in restaurants until she was 24, then successfully bought the restaurant she was working at in Manhattan and is still running the Nebraska Steakhouse and Lounge.

In addition, she used to own Muscle & Fitness Hers as bodybuilding and fitness is her hobby. It turns out that it is the same reason why she met her partner today.

We did not find a Wikipedia profile of Mona Muresan available yet. Once one is made, we will revise this article’s information.

Mike O’Hearn was married to ex-wife Меlіndа Міdајаh МсСullum.

Before his relationship with his present partner, Mona Muresan, he was married to his ex-wife, Melinda Midajah McCollum. Sadly, their marriage did not last long enough, and they had to part ways after their years of marriage.

It was the bodybuilder who had filed a Family – Marriage Dissolution/Divorce lawsuit against his former significant other in March of 2004. Details of the affair, including how they met and the longevity before their wedding, are not publicly shared.

Also, it is unclear why Mike chose to be separated from her. His ex-wife is also an American fitness model, personal trainer, beautician, and a former actress and professional wrestling manager.

Mike O’Hearn’s Kids

Image of Mike O'Hearn and Mona Muresan with their son, Titan O'Hearn
Mike O’Hearn and Mona Muresan with their son, Titan O’Hearn

The American actor-model has one kid; he had his son with his current partner, Mona Muresan. On the 12th day of March 2019, the couple was blessed with a child named Titan O’Hearn.

His name originated from his father’s name on the American television competition series American Gladiators (2008). In the present, Titan is already three years old.

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