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Michael Wilbon is Married to Wife: Sheryl Wilbon. Kids: Matthew

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Image of Michael and Sheryl Wilbon, and their son, Michael Raymond

Michael Ray Wilbon, better known by his nickname Michael Wilbon, is a well-recognized American commentator who once worked as a columnist and sportswriter for The Washington Post. He currently works as a commentator for ESPN.

He has been a co-host of Pardon the Distraction on ESPN since 2001 and also works as an analyst for ESPN. Wilbon was the son of a route salesperson and a public-school teacher and spent his childhood in Illinois.

In 1976, he obtained his diploma from St. Ignatius College Prep School, and in 1980, he finished with a journalism degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Wilbon contributed to The Daily Northwestern during his time as a student there. Wilbon’s primary residence is in Bethesda, Maryland, but he also maintains a property in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Learn more about American commentator Michael Wilbon’s wife, Sheryl Wilbon, their lives, and marriage. Moreover, discover about the married couple’s kids.

Michael Wilbon and Sheryl Wilbon’s marriage

Image of Michael Wilbon with his wife, Sheryl Wilbon

Michael Wilbon with his wife, Sheryl Wilbon

Michael Wilbon has been happily married for a considerable amount of time. The number of people he has collaborated with is relatively short.

Since the 9th day of April 1997, he has been happily married to Sheryl Wilbon. There is no information regarding their past relationships, including dating and marriage.

They have a boy who was born on the 26th day of March 2008, and they named him Matthew Raymond Wilbon. They have not yet separated, and there have been no indications that they intend to do so.

There is no more documentation of his previous or current relationships. His marriage is the sole relationship that has been brought to the public’s attention at this time.

It would appear that Sheryl was his very first love in this world. His family is the source of much joy in his life right now.

Sheryl Wilbon’s biography

Sheryl Wilbon was born in Washington, D.C., the United States of America, to parents from the United Kingdom. Michael Wilbon’s wife was her parents’ only child, and as a result, they provided her with an exceptional lifestyle from the time she was a child onward.

Her mother had worked as a sports journalist, and her father was well-known for his skill in the media. He also had a number of contacts in the industry that proved to be quite useful.

Both of her parents had professional ties to the world of sports. Because of this, Michael Wilbon’s wife showed a significant interest in sports, and she especially enjoyed playing football when she was a new girl.

During her time at school, she participated in a variety of football games, during which she displayed her outstanding talent by putting on amazing performances. Those events were highlights of her school career.

She put forth effort because she wanted to demonstrate to her trainers that she possessed innate skills. Following the completion of her secondary education, she enrolled in a college in order to continue her education.

After Michael Wilbon’s wife graduated from Duke, she continued running her law clinic for the subsequent three decades. Sheryl Wilbon is grateful that throughout her career, she has maintained her status as a well-respected American lawyer.

Michael Wilbon’s kids

Image of Michael Wilbon with his son, Michael Raymond

Michael Wilbon with his son, Michael Raymond

Matthew Raymond Wilbon is the name that the married couple gave to their only child, a son, who was born on the 26th day of March 2008 and is the product of Michael’s marriage to Sheryl. Michael Raymond is already fourteen years old.

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