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Michael Trevino Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Michael Trevino with his girlfriend,Bregje Heinen

Michael Anthony Trevino, professionally known as Michael Trevino, is a renowned actor from the United States of America. Kyle Valenti in Roswell, New Mexico, and Tyler Lockwood on The Vampire Diaries are his most notable roles.

In Cow Belles, Trevino portrayed Jackson Meade, a character similar to Meade Milk. The Mentalist, Cold Case, Bones, and more are some other shows he has featured in guest roles.

Actor Alastair was Trevino’s character on the eighth season episode of Charmed, “Malice in Wonderland.” In Los Angeles, California, Trevino was born and raised.

He was raised in Montebello, California, then moved to Valencia, Santa Clarita, later in life.

Learn more about American actor Michael Trevino’s wife and his present relationship with Bregje Heinen in her Wikipedia-style biography. Read this article further to discover the previous affairs throughout his life!

Michael Trevino is not married to wife. Dating girlfriend: Bregje Heinen

Image of Michael Trevino with his girlfriend, Bregje Heinen
Michael Trevino with his girlfriend, Bregje Heinen

According to a post that the actor Michael Trevino made on Instagram on the 19th day of January 2021, it was finally confirmed that he has been dating his girlfriend, Bregje Heinen, for one year. Although we know that he is in a relationship, his romantic status was not initially disclosed.

When looking through his most recent Instagram posts, it is noticeable that he was seen with a female, Bregje Heinen. The most exciting aspect of their post is that their description is made up entirely of heart emojis, and the comment section is complete with people wishing them congratulations.

And within each of their individual Instagram accounts, they had shared photographs from the other account. This led one to conclude that the two must have had a romantic connection.

However, neither of the couples disclosed that they were romantically involved with one another during that period. On the 19th day of January 2021, he published a post on his Instagram account with Heinem and disclosed that the two of them had been together for a whole year.

This made it quite evident that they were seeing one other and had been doing so since 2020. On Instagram, Michael may be found at @michaeltrevino, and his girlfriend can be found at @bregjeheinen.

Bregje Heine’s biography

Image of Bregje Heine
Bregje Heine is a Dutch fashion model and actress.

Bregje Heinen is a famously known actress and fashion model from the Netherlands. A scout for Salva Models came across Heinen when she was working at Hyves.

She was born on the 5th day of March 1993 in Borculo, Netherlands. Her family and educational background has not been published online ever since.

In a short amount of time following that, she transferred to Micha Models. Since then, Michael Trevino’s girlfriend has become a member of Women Management in Milan, Paris, and New York and Dominique Brussels, Select London, Place Hamburg, and UNO Barcelona.

Since the future Michael Trevino’s wife was seventeen years old, she has made her home in New York City. Michael Trevino’s wife, Bregje, appeared in the film, The Assistant (2019) and a Billions episode in 2016.

In addition, she is also recognized as Sonya in the music video of Maroon 5 and Wiz Khalifa’s song, Payphone.

Michael Trevino’s previous relationship with ex-girlfriend Jenna Ushkowitz

Image of Michael Trevino with his former partner, Jenna Ushkowitz
Michael Trevino with his former partner, Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna Ushkowitz, an actor on the television show Glee, was his first recognized romantic partner. They had been in a romantic relationship with each other for three years when they decided to break their romance in 2014.

2011 was when the couple first started dating, at which point their relationship became a topic of discussion in the media. Even at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2011, the couple walked down the red carpet together.

Even though they understood each other well, they could not sustain their relationship for very long. Thus, they broke up for undisclosed reasons.

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