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Mena Massoud is not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Emily Shah

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Image of Mena Massoud with his girlfriend,Emily Shah

Many rising actors have made appearances in the showbiz industry, and one of them is the famous Canadian actor named Mena Massoud. He had his breakthrough performance when he was chosen to star in Aladdin, a fantasy film.

The renowned actor was born in Cairo, Egypt, on September 17, 1991, and is 30. Massoud is still inclined toward the Egyptian culture, but his family chose to move to Canada since they feel their family is not safe there.

With the success that he has been experiencing ever since he entered the entertainment industry, several producers and directors made him a cast member in their television programs and films. Mena appeared in Ordinary Days, Strange but True, Run This Town, The Royal Treatment, and Lamya’s Poem.

All the projects that came to him were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and he did not hesitate to grab them but did Mena also take the chance of having a special someone in the middle of his career? Keep reading this article because we have more information regarding Mena Massoud’s wife, girlfriend, and love life.

Mena Massoud is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Emily Shah

Image of Mena Massoud with his girlfriend,Emily Shah
Mena Massoud with his girlfriend, Emily Shah

Many fans wonder bout Mena Massoud’s wife. Does he have one, or is he dating someone from the same industry as him?

To answer that question, no, the actor does not have a wife, but it is already confirmed that he is dating a beautiful woman, and she is Emily Shah. People have seen the couple dazzle in many social gatherings and red carpet events.

Some fans even say that they are perfect for each other as people describe Mena as sexy and funny while Emily is fierce and pretty. Moreover, there was no information revealed about the couple’s first meeting, but the most important thing is that they found love with each other.

Emily Shah did not release a statement on whether she wants to be Mena Massoud’s wife soon, but who knows, maybe they will take things to the next level. Many social media users say that one thing that you should have to be Mena Massoud’s wife is a love for acting.

Since the actor loved to act and perform in front of the camera, he will have a busy schedule, and his future wife should understand the hectic schedule that he would face in th future. So far, Emily and Mena have been keeping a solid relationship and show no signs of separation.

Emily Shah’s Biography

Image of Emily Shah
Emily Shah is the daughter of Bollywood film producer Prashant Shah. She was also the youngest contestant to be crowned Miss New Jersey the USA

According to sources, she is the daughter of a famous film producer in Bollywood. In 2014, Emily pursued her dream of being a beauty queen when she was crowned Miss New Jersey USA.

Shah was born in New Jersey, the United States of America, on December 4, 1994, and is now 27. She has an excellent educational background as Emily obtained a bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Media Management at California State University.

She played many characters in movies and programs like Jungle Cry and Fortune Defies Death. Emily grew her fanbase and gained 80,400 followers on her Instagram account.

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