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Meet Bitwit’s Ex-Wife: Heather deCaussin.

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Image of Bitwit an American Youtube Content Creator

Kyle Hansen (born October 9, 1988 [age 33]) is an American technology demonstrator better known online as Bitwit. He was previously known as AwesomeSauceNews.

The YouTuber gives current analysis on the newest PC/console releases and interacts with his fans and their computers. In his channel, He also “roast” his fans’ setup with their consent.

Kyle Hansen is a 32-year-old star born in the United States on October 9, 1988. He graduated from California State University, Northridge.

His family’s identity is not revealed to the public. But he has posted about them on his social media accounts.

He once stated in a video that he had the happiest days of his youth since his parents allowed him to do everything he wanted. This gave Bitwit the freedom to do and create content that would later be his career.

He also has a tight relationship with his father, whose name has yet to be revealed due to personal reasons. With the busy career of Bitwit, does he have time to have a partner?

We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need about the famous YouTube star.

Bitwit is Currently single.

Image of Bitwit an American Technology Demonstrator
Bitwit an American Technology Demonstrator

The YouTube star is currently single. According to sources, Kyle is not in a relationship with anyone.

The idea of seeing Bitwit’s wife will take a long time before it happens as the vlogger is enjoying his single life. He is living by himself and is enjoying the company of his family and friends.

He also says that he is happy about his career and does not think about finding a partner often. But he is still young and has plenty of time to find the right person for him.

We will update this as soon as the information about Bitwit’s wife is revealed about his relationship status.

Kyle Hansen’s divorce from Heather deCaussin

Image of Bitwit with his ex-wife Heather Decaussin
Bitwit with his ex-wife Heather Decaussin

Heather deCaussin is Kyle Hansen’s wife or at least ex-wife. The ex-lovers met each other in 2010 when they became immediately drawn to one other.

It is said that Kyle and Heather had a fantastic time with each other and enjoyed each other’s company. Heather also said that Kyle is a good partner for her and that she loves him with all her heart.

They married in 2015 after five years of getting to know each other. But their Kyle relationship ended in 2020.

And at the beginning of 2021, they decided to call off their wedding and separate. The two filed for divorce, but the reason why they did this is still hidden from the public.

Furthermore, they paused their YouTube channel. But thankfully, the break was just a few days long, and Kyle quickly resumed his routine, publishing a new YouTube video on his channel on January 25, 2021, entitled “I’M BACK!!” where he aired his grievances and thanks toward his ex-wife.

Bitwit’s Ex-wife Heather deCaussin

Heather deCaussin is a YouTuber and most famously known as Bitwit’s wife. She had been seen in some of his videos and social media accounts before the split.

Unfortunately, there is not much known about her because she wants to live in private, especially after separating from Kyle.

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