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Is Matthew Dowd Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Dating History.

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Image of Matthew Dowd

Distinguished American Matthew Dowd is primarily known as the former chief strategist of the 2004 Bush-Cheney presidential campaign and a previous political analyst on ABC News. In addition, he ran for in September 2021 the position of the lieutenant governor as a Democrat in Texas against the office-holder, Dan Patrick, until his end of campaign announcement in December 2021.

See more about the American political analyst Mattew Dowd’s wife, previous relationships, and dating history. Also, meet his children in this article.

Is Matthew Dowd married to a new wife?

Image of Matthew Dowd
Matthew Dowd is an American political pundit and consultant.

The political analyst is reported to be single as of the present. He has not been dating or linked with anyone ever since the split with his last ex-girlfriend Maria Shriver.

There is no one yet to become Matthew Dowd’s wife. He lives in Texas alone on his ranch, where his children visit him frequently.

Previous marriages of Matthew Dowd

He had been married twice in the past, and both ended in divorces.

  • Tammy Edgerly

Mattew Dowd’s wife was Tammy Edgerly. They were married in the 1980s and were separated after almost a decade of being together.

Their separation left their three sons with a broken family. Most of the information about their relationship is kept secret from the general public.

  • Nicole Baines

His second marriage was with Nicole Baines. According to reports, Mattew Dowd’s wife married him on the 31st day of December 1996 in Texas.

Their union ended after it was strained due to the trauma caused by the death of one of their newborn twin babies. Sad to say, he shared no further details about his failed relationships with the media.

A love affair with Marie Shriver amidst her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image of Matthew Dowd with his former partner, Maria Shriver
Matthew Dowd with his former partner, Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver was the one he had dated after a long time of being divorced. She is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, whom she split up in 2011 after he revealed having cheated on her and fathering a son with his maid, Mildred Baena.

The political strategist had worked for Arnold as a lead campaign strategist for the re-election of the California governorship. He was rumored to be dating her after her divorce from her ex-husband.

In November 2013, they were seen attending Bobby Kennedy and Cheryl Hines’ wedding together. At the event, he got introduced to his partner’s family.

They have been publicly dating since 2013, but Radar Online revealed that a source divulged that they had been having an affair for a long time before Arnold’s cheating issue came up. The staff would notice how they flaunted their flirtations in front of them when Arnold was away.

When Arnold made revelations in 2011, the source had remembered how Dowd and Shriver met in a hotel in 2007, meaning to say that the affair had gone on long before then. After people learned about their long-time experience before the divorce, their thoughts changed compared to the heavy criticism Arnold took.

However, Maria said she hinted she was single on the Todas Show of NBC News in May of 2017. The reason for their break-up has not been shared since.

Matthew Dowd’s Kids

Image of Matthew Dowd with his ex partner, Maria Shriver, and their kids
Matthew Dowd with his ex-partner, Maria Shriver, and their kids

He has four children, three sons with Tammy and twin daughters with Nicole.

  1. Daniel Dowd

He is the eldest child of the political pundit and his ex-wife, Tammy, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Army veteran. From 2007 to 2009, he was a signals intelligence specialist in Baghdad.

  1. Jacob Dowd

He is also Tammy and Matthew’s son, born on the 4th day of May 1989 in Austin, Texas, and works at City Year Miami.

  1. Ben Dowd

He is the youngest child of the political expert with his ex-wife, Tammy. He works as a Senior Customer Service Representative at Trion Worlds Rift.

  1. Nicole Maria Dowd (deceased) and Josephine Dowd

They are his twin daughters with his ex-wife, Nicole, born in September of 2002. After two months after their birth, Nicole Maria died on the 14th day of November 2002.

All of his children were born in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, most of his kids’ information is hidden from the public.

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