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Matt Stone is Married to Wife: Angela Howard. Kids

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Image of Matt Stone with his wife, Angela Howard

Matthew Richard Stone is an animator, producer, writer, composer, and Actor who descended from America. His most famous work is South Park which premiered in 1997 to this writing.

On the 26th of May 1971, the multitalented artist was born. He is originally from Houston, Texas.

Ever since he was a child, the writer was into music and film already. He went to the University of Colorado, Boulder, and this is where he met Trey Parker.

Parker was Stone’s partner in producing and conceptualizing films and series. Some of them are namely Cannibal! The Musical, The Book of Mormon, and Orgazmo.

Due to his excellence in his craft, he received several awards which, including Primetime Emmy Awards, three Tony Awards, and ultimately, a Grammy Award. His passion for filmmaking and producing brought him where he is today with the unending support from his loved ones.

He indeed owes half of his career to his support system. Are you curious about Matt Stone’s wife?

Continue reading as we reveal further information, including his marriage and kids.

Matt Stone has been Married to Angela Howard since 2008.

Image of Matt Stone with his wife, Angela Howard
Matt Stone with his wife, Angela Howard

Being a man of substance, the love life of Matt Stone is frequently looked up on the internet. According to reports, the composer has been married to Angela Howard since 2008.

There have been claims that the couple started to date in the year 2001. Their first encounter occurred back when Matt Stone’s wife used to work as a Comedy Central Executive.

The couple has been very private about their life ever since the day they started dating. Information about the specific details of their marriage and relationship is not known to the public as of this writing.

As of 2022, they are acknowledged as one of the entertainment world’s most famous interracial duos. They are continuously striving for a better future for themselves alongside their children.

In an interview, the director once mentioned how supportive his wife is. He also said that he would not be where he is right now without the support and encouragement of his life partner.

Having been married for a long time, the couple managed to stay out of the headlines. They have been living peacefully away from the media’s circus.

Matt Stone’s Kids

The couple has been married for more than a decade now. Their long-term marriage bore two beautiful children in this world.

According to a source, the lovely duo birthed a baby boy in 2011. The name and other details of the child are not disclosed to the public as of 2022.

The information regarding the other child is not publicized. However, fans expressed how respectful they are when it decides the couple to be private about their lives.

The writer once mentioned that his children are the most precious in his eyes. He admittedly stated that he adores his youngsters very much.

Being a dad of two opened a whole new world for the actor. He never expected himself to be a softie for kids, but here he is with his children.

Matt Stone’s wife is the one who requested to put the kids away from the public life because she witnessed the wrong side of it through her husband. Ergo, the specific details about their children are not known to the public.

Nonetheless, the kids were allowed to be a voice actors in their father’s work, South Park. They have been the voice actors of several characters from the series.

It was a proud moment for the parents to hone the children at a young age. They claimed that whatever path they would choose to take would be supported by their parents, nonetheless.

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