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Matt Painter is Married to Wife: Sherry Painter. Kids

Image of Matt Painter with his wife, Sherry Painter

Matthew Curtis Painter, most notably known as Matt Painter, is a former basketball player who resorted to coaching when he retired as an athlete. Since 2005, he has been supervising the athletes at Purdue University.

Before his current work at the university, he worked for Barton College, Southern Illinois, Washington College, Eastern Illinois, and Jefferson College. His signature move as a coach is his motion offense.

The teams he handled are tagged as stout, stingy, and defensive. Since he was employed as the institution’s coach, they have consistently contended defensive and offensive efficiency’s top 15 national levels.

His life choices are questioned if they are the same as his efficiency when it comes to coaching. Matt Painter’s wife, previous relationships, and kids are some of the aspects in question.

Check this out! Learn more about his wife, marriage, previous relationships, and kids of Matt Painter by reading this article.

Matt Painter has been Married to his Wife, Sherry Painter, since 2018

Image of Matt Painter with his wife, Sherry Painter
Matt Painter with his wife, Sherry Painter

The basketball coach has experienced marriage twice in his life. In this section, we will focus on the present Matt Painter’s wife, which he is obviously in love with based on his social media posts.

His second wife’s name was discovered to be Sherry Painter. Matt Painter’s wife walked down the aisle on the 5th of October in 2018.

Details of how the couple had their first encounter are not yet known to the public. Furthermore, their marriage is not close to controversies and issues because they try their best to solve problems internally.

Matt Painter’s Previous Relationships

The basketball coach’s first marriage was with Jerri Uhrig. Their marriage was short-lived because of reasons that are yet to be revealed in the masses.

However, they co-parent their kids to ensure they grow up as good people. Matt Painter’s previous wife did not return to the dating scene, unlike the Purdue coach.

Sherry Painter’s Biography

Sherry Painter gained prominence when she tied the knot with Matt Painter. She used to be a flight attendant during her younger years.

Furthermore, she is a practicing registered nurse as of this writing. She works in West Lafayette, Indiana’s Unity Ambulatory Surgery Center.

She celebrates her birth date, which occurred on the 23rd day of December in 1971. Currently, she is on social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to advertise her advocacy for breast cancer awareness.

The couple partnered with All Fired Up, a breast cancer organization that raises funds for cancer awareness. They are currently supporting a non-governmental organization called the American Cancer Society.

Matt Painter’s current wife needs to advocate for this matter because she is a survivor. She mentioned that she serves as hope for those who lose their spark because of the disease.

Matt Painter’s Kids

Technically, Matt Painter has four exceptional children. Matt Painter’s previous wife gave birth to two beautiful daughters, Emma and Maggie.

Matt Painter’s current wife is a mother of two girls named Abby, a volleyball player in Oregon. The other daughter’s name is not yet disclosed to the public as of this writing.

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