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Is Mark Giangreco is Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Mark Giangreco

Mark Giangreco is a former sports director and leads sports anchor from the USA who worked for WLS-TV in Chicago, Illinois. Giangreco used to be anchored at the sports segment on ABC7, though he remains an ESPN Radio contributor.

Giangreco was born and raised by his parents in Buffalo, New York, on May 13, 1952. At 19 years old, he started his career in broadcasting at the “Wing Radio,” and after four years, he graduated from college and made his parents proud.

In 1978, Mark’s first job was in an NBC station in Ohio, where the former sports director worked for less than a year, and in the same year, Mark decided to move to Louisville, Kentucky. After living in Kentucky for four years, he moved to Chicago to work in WMAQ-TV, which he liked, and worked there for more than a decade. 

Do you want to know the former sports director Mark Giangreco’s wife and kids? Continue to read to find out more.

Mark Giangreco’s Relationship Status

Image of Mark Giangreco
Mark Giangreco is the former sports director and leads sports anchor for WLS-TV.

It is safe to conclude that Mark is not married at this time and does not have a girlfriend or wife because he has not mentioned his wife or girlfriend in any interviews or posts that he has made on social media. On the other hand, he could be having an affair with someone behind closed doors, and he might not want the news to go out to the general public.

This statement is only speculation, but who can say whether or not Mark has one. You may be sure that we will make the appropriate adjustments to this post if any new information regarding his supposed girlfriend or new wife becomes available.

He was once married to a woman, though, named Cindy Giangreco. He has been involved in both the speculations and the controversy that have been going around.

Because of his anti-Trump rants posted online, in which he called people who support President Trump “simpletons,” ABC decided to suspend him because of his behavior. We will update this write-up once information about Mark Giangreco’s wife. 

Mark Giangreco was married to an Ex-wife Cindy Giangreco

Even though not much is known about their marriage, the couple was nonetheless successful in having three beautiful children whom they named Mark, Christopher, and Matt. Unfortunately, the actual date they began dating is unclear to the general public, and the pair themselves have not disclosed the information.

They used to love each other deeply, but just like any other relationship, theirs had its share of challenges, and in 2005, they decided to end their marriage for reasons that, to this day, are a complete mystery.

Mark Giangreco’s Kids

Even though Mark and his ex-wife Cindy have an unsuccessful marriage, they still have kids that they loved and cared for in their lives. They named their kids Mark, Christopher, and Matt. Unfortunately, no details are available to the general public about Mark Giangreco’s Kids’ birth dates and ages.

However, we will update this post if new information comes out, so be sure to return.

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