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Is Lee Joon-gi Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Lee Goon-gi

Lee Joon-gi is an artist, musician, dancer, and model from South Korea. His first movie, entitled The King and The Clown, which premiered in 2005, is what assisted him in the stardom he is currently experiencing.

Not long after, he was offered a project entitled My Girl, which amplified the name of the actor in the industry he is in. From there on, he tried to explore different genres when it came to acting.

He found his niche in a royalty drama entitled Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo when he played Wang So. The series gained a lot of traction from all over the world, which gained him the title of top Hallyu star.

His acting career started when he gained interest in the theatrical play Hamlet. Since then, he went on and chased his dream of being an actor even though his parents were against it.

Being one of the most famous Korean stars in the world, people are curious if there is a certain Lee Joon-gi’s wife who caught the heart of the singer. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his past and rumored relationships.

Lee Joon-gi’s Dating Status

Image of Lee Goon-Gi
Lee Goon-gi is a South Korean actor, singer, dancer, and model.

As a young and emerging Korean actor, fans are wondering if there is already someone who holds the title of Lee Joon-gi’s wife. Nevertheless, it is not a bother for his supporters because they were assured by the actor that he is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend presently.

The dancer said that his schedule demands a lot from him, which is why it is hard to commit to a relationship. Also, he believes in the saying that you should date to marry because it would just be a waste of time to date for fun.

He is currently 38 years of age which is already past time for building a family according to societal norms. However, the actor is not pressured to have someone hold the identity of Lee Joon-gi’s wife because he believes it must come naturally.

Lee Joon-gi’s Past Relationships

Being paired with a lot of beautiful actresses takes a lot of effort to not fall in love with them. The singer used to be so good at this, but he failed when he met Jeon Hye-bin during the taping of Gunman in Joseon.

The former couple used to go out together, and the media is quick to deliver the news on several platforms. Nonetheless, their management retracted these rumors and said it was just for show.

Because of their effectiveness as actors in their series, fans are truly hooked on their love team and will do everything to prove that they are dating in real life. The supporters were not dismayed because a year after denying the dating rumors, the couple officially announced their relationship to the public in December 2014.

The relationship of the couple was quick to expire because of their busy schedules alongside the mental load of receiving bashful comments when they publicized their relationship. It was explicitly focused on the presumed Lee Joon-gi’s wife because she is the one who got the most hateful comments on her social media platforms.

Lee Joon-gi’s Rumored Relationships

One of the most controversial pairings of Lee Joon-gi is with the famous singer and celebrity IU. She was his partner in the famous K-Drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Their chemistry on-screen transpires through the screen of the viewers, which is why their series reached people from around the globe. Regardless, the actors stated that everything is entirely spiritual and is for work only.

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