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Lavell Crawford is Married to Wife: DeShawn Crawford. Kids

Image of Lavell Crawford with his wife, DeShawn Crawford

Lavell Maurice Crawford is a well-known stand-up comedian and artist from the United States of America. The most famous character he played was Huell Babineaux in the Breaking Bad series.

Furthermore, he also portrayed Gus Patch in an original film produced by Netflix with the title The Ridiculous 6. He produced an album entitled Comedy Vaccine, which was listed as the Best Comedy Album during the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

The famous comedian was born on the 11th of November in 1968. He was nurtured in St. Louis, Missouri, by a single mother because they were left behind by their father during his younger years.

Are you curious with regards to Lavell Crawford’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about the comedian, including his marriage and kids, in this Wikipedia-type article.

Lavell Crawford is Married to DeShawn Crawford

Image of Lavell Crawford with his wife, DeShawn Crawford
Lavell Crawford with his wife, DeShawn Crawford

The interviews with the actor always put Lavell Crawford’s wife in the spotlight. He was not secretive with regard to this aspect of his life because he is the proudest when it comes to his family life.

A lovely woman already holds the title of Lavell Crawford’s wife. She was discovered to be under the name of DeShawn Crawford.

Their first encounter was not published online, but they were known to be dating for a long time before deciding to exchange vows. The marriage ceremony occurred sometime in 2016.

After their marriage, they appeared as husband and wife in Mandalay Bay Events Center. The event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, in August of 2009.

The couple is frequently seen going out together during their free time off work. It can be observed that despite being married for a long time, the couple is still very much in love with each other.

Lavell Crawford’s wife is truly a supportive one because she is the first one to promote the upcoming movies or series of her husband. She was discovered to be with the actor even before he rose to fame, that is why she deserves everything they have right now.

Who is DeShawn Crawford?

DeShawn is well-known for being Lavell Crawford’s wife. Most of the time, the comedian greets her during Mother’s Day, but the exact date of her natality remains a mystery to the general public.

Her details as a public personality’s wife remain private because she does not want to deal with the controversies that come with being a public figure. There is not much information regarding Lavell Crawford’s wife’s early education and present career.

Furthermore, the actor never fails to commend his wife because of her unwavering support in his career and other ventures. They truly deserve each other based on the rapport they established as a couple.

Lavell Crawford’s Kids

Image of Lavell Crawford with his son, LJ Crawford
Lavell Crawford with his son, LJ Crawford

The marriage of Lavell and DeShawn is truly exemplary because they managed to stay away from rumors during their unification. The lovely duo delivered a wonderful child into this world.

Their one and only kid were named LJ Crawford. The couple decided to protect their child from the media because they didn’t want him to be dragged into unnecessary dramas.

The parents of LJ stated that they would be protective of their son’s privacy until he decides to live a public life. They added that they want their child to experience living like a normal child and not being a son of a prominent personality.

Lavell mentioned that they want their child to have the freedom to choose whatever he wants in the future because it is what he deserves. He added that they are working hard to give him the best life he could ever experience.

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