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Lavar Arrington is Married to Wife: Trishia Arrington. 4 Kids.

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Image of LaVar Arrington with his wife, Trishia Arrington

LaVar RaShad Arrington is best known as one of the most iconic professional football players, even after being retired for more than a decade now. The American athlete started gaining attention in the scene ever since he was just a varsity player of Penn State Nittany Lions in college.

Thanks to his determination and raw skills, he got drafted in the 2000 National Football League Draft, the second overall pick by Washington Redskins. His stature of 6 feet 3 inches made him perfect to be a Linebacker who won several recognitions throughout his careers, such as being one of the 80 Greatest Red Skins and Big Ten Co-Defensive Player of the Year.

Being one of the strongest competitors in the field during his prime helped him have a good mentality to lead his family, so stay tuned to this Wikipedia-type article to know the details about Lavar Arrington’s wife and children.

Lavar Arrington has been Married to Trishia Arrington since 2005

Image of LaVar Arrington with his wife, Trishia Arrington
Lavar Arrington with his wife, Trishia Arrington

At the height of his sports career, the football Hall of Fame married his loving and supporting wife, Trishia Arrington, or as the player fondly calls her, Trish. Lavar Arrington’s officially tied the knot on the 9th of March, 2005, the venue of their nuptial is not publicized, but pictures on the internet suggest that they have exchanged their vows on a beach.

Throughout their 17 years of marriage, Lavar Arrington’s wife has been blessed with three wonderful daughters and a cheerful son. The couple gives excellent support to their children by celebrating every win and passion that their youngsters have in their ventures.

There are no negative rumors circulated regarding their marriage.

Trishia Arrington’s Short Biography

The lucky wife of the NFL Superstar is none other than Trishia Arrington (nee Johnson). Just like her famous husband, she is also involved in many sports activities, as it was reported that she joined in various athletics competitions when she was still studying.

She utilizes this experience as a coach at Maranatha Baptist University Athletics Department. Trishia is also a fitness instructor who regularly posts her diet and workout routines on her Instagram page.

The wellness junkie’s details are not publicly disclosed as she chose to keep that side of her life out of the public attention. Her birthday, age, and family members are not posted on the internet, but based on her looks, she is also in her early 40s, just like her spouse.

Lavar Arrington’s Kids 

Image of Lavar and Trishia Arrington with their kids
Lavar and Trishia Arrington with their kids

The retired linebacker is blessed with four children and his wife: Penn, Marlie, Lavar, and Laila Arrington. Marlie Arrington is the firstborn of the couple, and she is a talented volleyball player in the spiker position.

Their second child is Laila Arrington, a cheerleader of WCA who also goes by jersey #56, which was LaVar’s number when he was still playing. Their third kid is their only boy, Lavar Jr., who shows great interest in football at a very young age, just like his father.

The youngest among the four children is Penn Arrington, named after her father’s college university, where he got discovered. She is around ten years old as of today.

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