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LaPhonso Ellis is Married to Wife: Jennifer Ellis. Kids

Image of LaPhonso Ellis

LaPhonso Darnell Ellis is a prominent basketball player from the United States of America who recently retired due to old age. He is a power forward of the team Denver Nuggets under the National Basketball Association.

His interest in basketball started when he was still young. Moreover, his skills improved when he joined the varsity at East St. Louis Lincoln High School.

The outstanding performance of the then-young athlete was recognized as McDonald’s High School All-American alongside Parade All-American. Furthermore, his exemplary skills in basketball were listed under the 100 Legends of the IHSA Boys Basketball Tournament.

It has been a long journey for the retired player, which is why people are curious if there is a certain LaPhonso Ellis’ wife that attends to him now that he is out from the court. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article because we have the information, which includes his marriage and kids.

LaPhonso Ellis is Married to Jennifer Ellis

Image of LaPhonso Ellis
LaPhonso Ellis is an American retired basketball player. He used to play for Denver Nuggets for 11 years.

As a man who dedicated most of his life to basketball, LaPhonso Ellis’ wife is frequently asked during his pre-game and post-game interviews. It is public knowledge that the retired professional athlete is already married to a wife.

The lovely woman who holds the title of LaPhonso Ellis’ wife is named Jennifer Ellis. Specific details regarding their marriage ceremony were not disclosed to the public, but it was known that the celebration was attended by intimate family and friends.

LaPhonso and Jennifer are living privately despite their fame as prominent player and an actress. As much as possible, they try to stay away from controversies to protect the sanctity of their marriage.

As of 2022, the unification of the couple is not linked to any rumors published. Both are evidently in love with each other even after the long years of their marriage.

According to the supporters of LaPhonso, they respect the preference of the couple to stay lowkey. They added that as long as they are at peace with their decision, it would bring them joy.

Who is Jennifer Ellis?

Jennifer Ellis is most prominent for being LaPhonso Ellis’ wife, but she also established an independent identity of being an actress. She was featured in the film Christmas a la Mode as one of the main characters named Dorothy White.

The Christmas film was produced and directed by John Stimpson. It is a very moving film aiming to convey the message about the importance of family, especially on holidays.

As a public figure, she has maintained to remain private with regard to her personal life. There is no published information with respect to her early life and education.

LaPhonso Ellis’ Kids

Their marriage is genuinely delightful and productive for both personalities. As of this writing, they currently have four kids registered under their name.

The names of their children are Walter Andrew, PJ, Elexis, and Phonso. Most of their kids’ names are templated on theirs.

While raising their children, they did not disclose any information about them. Also, they protected them from the media and publicity because it would be too much to understand for a child.

They added that they would be protecting their children while they are young, but it is up to them if they want to live a public life when they grow up. One of their sons, Walter, followed the step of his father as a basketball player.

He was born on the 29th of November in 1999. Currently, he is upskilling himself in his chosen sports field to level with his father as a famous professional athlete.

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