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Kyle Petty is Married to Wife: Morgan Petty. Kids.

Image of Kyle Petty with his wife, Morgan Petty

The racing field is genuinely graced with the presence of Kyle Eugene Petty, who used to be a stock car racer but now works as a racing commentator. The racer descended from a family of car racers, namely Richard Petty and Lee, who was his father and grandfather.

He started his professional career as a racer when he won the race that occurred in Daytona International Speedway. Not long after his graduation from high school, he already participated in Winston Cup, which head started his career.

He was born in Randleman, North Carolina, to already prominent parents in the field of acting and racing. When he joined his first competition as a racer, it was discovered that he was the youngest among the competitors.

The career path of the racer is perilous. That is why people are wondering whether there is a certain Kyle Petty’s wife who is behind him during his competitions. Find out by reading this Wikipedia-type article as we reveal further information, including his past relationships and kids.

Kyle Petty is Married to Morgan Petty

Image of Kyle Petty with his wife, Morgan Petty
Kyle Petty with his wife, Morgan Petty

Interviews with the racer frequently include questions regarding Kyle Petty’s wife. His dating life is much of an open book because it is public knowledge that there are two of Kyle Petty’s wives, a former and a present.

Presently, Kyle Petty’s wife is under the name of Morgan Petty. The couple got married in 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There is not much information available with respect to their first encounter, but it is guaranteed that they got married in a grandiose ceremony. It was also cleared by the couple that Morgan was not the reason why Kyle and his former wife separated.

Who is Morgan Petty?

Previously named Morgan Castano, she is the current Kyle Petty’s wife who was delivered into the world sometime in 1985. She is also an American citizen, just like her husband.

As a partner of a celebrity, Morgan is the one who is managing the charity organization Kyle famously known as Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. She is a stay-at-home wife who oversees the business and other ventures of the famous racing commentator.

It seemed that information with respect to Kyle Petty’s wife’s early life and education was not available. She has maintained a private life despite being married to a famous personality.

Kyle Petty’s Past Relationships

The public is aware that a previous Kyle Petty’s wife named Pattie. The couple reportedly exchanged vows on the 4th of February in 1979.

Their wedding occurred before the first primary race of the stock car racer. It was indeed a momentous time in the life of the racing commentator.

Pattie and Kyle’s marriage broke down after their son, Adam, died due to a car crash as a preparation for an upcoming competition. The death of their son truly affected both parties, especially Pattie, because she was known to have Parkinson’s disease before their separation.

In 2012, their marriage officially ended because of what had transpired with respect to their son, who aimed to be like his father. The previous couple remained silent after going their separate ways.

Kyle Petty’s Kids

Image of Kyle Petty with his wife, Morgan Petty, and their kids
Kyle Petty with his wife, Morgan Petty, and their kids

Kyle managed to build a family despite his busy schedule as a racer. Presently, five kids are listed under his name, three from his first wife and two from the latter.

His first three children are namely Adam, Austin, and Montgomery. There are no reports with regards to his first three kids except for Adam, who succumbed to death because of a car crash.

Not long after, Kyle Petty’s wife, Morgan, birthed their first child named Overton Owens 2018. Two years after, their second child, Cotten Cable, was discovered to be delivered into this world in 2020.

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