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Is Kitboga Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

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Image of Kitboga

He is famously known as Kitboga, a Twitch streamer, and a YouTuber. His contents comprise scam baiting in opposition to fraudulent activities done over the phone.

The streamer channel on Twitch has more than 1 million followers as of this writing. Alongside his Twitch channel is his YouTube account, with the following base not lower than 2 million subscribers.

The real name of the streamer is not known up to this day. He has done an excellent job in concealing details about his personal life.

Due to the nature of his work, he has decided to stick with an online persona. He has been exposing people ever since, which is why it is important for him not to reveal his true identity.

The peak of his career happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, wherein he exposed a group that was selling essential oils. The group claimed that it could kill the virus.

He mentioned during the phone call that there had been an alert from the Federal Trade Commission of the United States. He added that the group of scammers would face legal consequences for their actions.

Are you curious about Kitboga’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about the streamer, including his dating status and kids.

Kitboga’s Dating Status

Image of Kitboga
Kitboga is the Internet alias of an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber

Being a mysterious person on the internet, many supporters of the YouTube content creator are curious about his love life. However, information about the dating status of Kitboga is not available as of this writing.

According to reports, the streamer is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. Ergo, he is enjoying singleness as of this writing.

He needs so much time to create and upload content for his YouTube account. Hence, commitment to a relationship is not his top priority.

There have been reports that the scam baiter was once seen with a girl. However, it was quickly debunked by the YouTuber himself.

He has been keeping details about himself and his loved ones private because of the nature of his work. Nevertheless, fans are looking forward to the day when Kitboga’s wife would surface.

Kitboga’s Kids           

As a prominent YouTuber today, Kitboga has yet to announce details about his personal life, including kids and marriage. According to reports, he does not have a wife. Therefore kids are not possible.

The streamer would surely be a cool father, given his streaming expertise. His children would not be a victim of scams because he would teach them how to prevent getting involved in any fraudulent activities.

When the time comes, and Kitboga’s wife is known to the public, she needs to support the streamer’s career. His nature of work takes a lot of his time, and it is important for his partner to be understanding.

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