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Is Kip Winger Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Kip Winger

Charles Frederick Kip Winger, famously known as just Kip Winger, is a music artist, bass guitarist, and a member of Winger. He also records and produces records as a solo artist.

The albums that assisted his way to fame were Raise You Fist and Yell and Constrictor. It was due to his contribution as s member of the band Alice Cooper.

His love for music started way back when he was young because both of his parents are into music. He dedicated his life to learning music alongside working part-time to make ends meet.

With the actor’s busy schedule, is there news that surfaced with regards to Kip Winger’s wife? Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to learn more about him, including his dating status and previous relationships.

Kip Winger’s Dating Status

Image of Kip Winger
Kip Winger is an American bass guitarist and singer, active as a member of the rock band Winger and as a solo artist.

Being a notable singer in his chosen field of profession, Kip Winger’s wife is always a hot topic whenever he has been interviewed. The musician did not hide anything from the media regarding his dating life.

As of 2022, the bass guitarist is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. After years of failed relationships and marriages, he does not want to commit again.

Because of his negative experiences in relationships, the musician decided to focus on improving his career instead. His hard work resulted in something positive because he is now a famous musician who goes around the world for tours.

Kip Winger’s Previous Relationships

As a man of talent and skills, Winger had his share of dating history with beautiful women in and out of the industry. Some women lasted only as girlfriends, while some ended up as his wife.

The later years of 1980 were the beginning of reports with respect to the relationship of Kip Winger. According to sources, he dated Rachel Hunter, a supermodel from New Zealand who quickly tied the knot to Rod Stewart after her separation from Kip.

The first Kip Winger’s wife was named Beatrice Richter. The couple got unified under oath in 1991, but the marriage did not last long because she died in a car crash five years after.

Several years after the death of the first Kip Winger’s wife, another wife was registered under his name. The second wife was discovered to be Paula DeTullio, who he married in July 2004.

It looks like Kip Winger’s wife is not meant to stay in his life because the couple filed for a divorce in 2016. Since then, the band member of Winger decided to stay lowkey and enjoy the time for himself and his career.

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