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Is Kenny Omega Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega is a Canadian wrestler famous for his works in the All Elite Wrestling. He is also the executive vice president of the wrestling promotion.

His real name is Tyson Smith and he was born on October 16, 1963. He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, alongside his family.

Tyson started his pro-wrestling career in 2001 when he performed in the Premier Championship Wrestling. His fights were a huge hit, and soon after, he was signed by  Deep South Wrestling.

After his work there, Smith decided to go to Japan and went on to fight in the Japan Pro-Wrestling promotion. The professional wrestler

made appearances in different wrestling promotions, including the WWE.

In 2019, Kenny was one of the first to sign with AEW. His best performance was against Chris Jericho in a Double or Nothing match.

He continued to work and was hired as the Vice President of AEW. Omega oversees the corporation’s management and sometimes performs as an in-ring talent.

Kenny Omega’s wife’s Relationship Status

Image of Kenny Omegais
Kenny Omega is a Canadian-born professional wrestler. Omega is an executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling.

The famous wrestler throws everything inside the ring when he is fighting. He spent years training and improving his skills to get to today.

Because of his work-intensive career, Kenny Omega is currently single. According to sources, the elite fighter does not have a partner or past marital commitment.

The Canadian star was never seen with anyone in public. And in an interview, Kenny stated that he does not have a romantic relationship because he is too focused on his wrestling career.

Kenny Omega’s wife is not yet found. He is still looking for someone he will love.

But it is never late for the young stud. Fans are hoping that Kenny will find his other half later in his life.

Kenny Omega’s Dating Controversies.

Although the Canadian wrestler has said that he is too busy with his professional career, there were still rumors that circulated on the internet. People believe that Kenny Omega was previously in a relationship with Hikaru Shida.

Rumors spread about the two AEW stars because of their friendship outside the ring. Hikaru stated in an interview that she is receiving help from Kenny to improve her English-speaking skills.

Because of this, fans were quick to react and speculate about the wrestlers’ relationship. But the alleged bond between them is nothing but hearsay.

Both the wrestlers confirm that there is no romantic link between them. Fans are saddened about this because they think that they have met Kenny Omega’s wife.

But the wrestler said that there is still time to have a romantic relationship. We will update this once Kenny Omega’s wife is revealed.

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