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Kendall Gill is Married to Wife: Wendy Gill

Image of Kendall Gill with his wife, Wendy Gill, and their kids

Kendall Gill used to spend most of his time as a professional player in basketball. Due to his age, he currently works as an analyst for the sport, which is aired on television.

He celebrated his 54th birthday on the 25th day of May. He was birthed in 1968 in Chicago, where his basketball career was primed during his high school days at Rich Central High School. He made a valuable contribution to his alma matter by leading them to a championship during his term.

Kendall’s love for basketball is proven to be unconditional. Is it the same for Kendall Gill’s wife?

Check this out! Learn more about the wife, marriage, and kids of Kendall Gill as we reveal further information about him.

Kendall Gill has been Married to his Wife Wendy Gill, since 2006

Image of Kendall Gill with his wife, Wendy Gill
Kendall Gill with his Mandy Gill

A lot of girls admire the former basketball player because of his looks and skills. To their dismay, he has been committed into a long-term marital relationship with a particular Kendall Gill’s wife.

The lovely lady who owns the title as Kendall Gill’s wife was discovered to be under the name of Wendy Gill. Their first encounter occurred at the Universlinois, which is their alma mater.

The unification of the fantastic duo occurred sometime in August of 2006. Their ceremony was graced by the presence of their closest family and friends, who made a notable contribution to both their lives and relationship.

Their marriage is not subjected to any controversies since it has begun. It was because Kendall Gill’s wife left all the spotlight for the basketball analyst to enjoy.

She once mentioned that she wants to live a simple and happy life with his family. Therefore, the former athlete does his best to keep information about their family limited.

Kendall Gill’s Past Relationships

Because of the length of their marriage, it is believed that he did not have romantic partners before he met the love of his life. Like many famous individuals, his life became plagued with speculations, but none of it was proven true, and only his affection for his wife stood out in the end.

Wendy Gill’s Biography

Wendy Gill is most famous for being Kendall Gill’s wife. She was spotlighted when she tied the knot with the present basketball analyst.

She was born on the 24th day of December in the year 1968. As of this writing, details about her childhood, education, and career are not yet known to the media.

Kendall Gill’s Kids

Image of Kendall Gill with his wife, Wendy Gill, and their kids
Kendall Gill with his wife, Wendy Gill, and their kids

The 16 years of marriage of the couple has resulted in a family under their marriage register. Wendy birthed two handsome boys, namely Phoenix and Kota.

According to sources, their eldest son, Phoenix, is following in his father’s footsteps. It was announced that he took part in junior NBA in February of 2020.

Moreover, Kota, their youngest son, was officially a teenager in February 2022. He is also eyeing basketball as his career.

When the current basketball analyst was asked if he is okay with the idea that his sons will partake in his previous career, he mentioned that it is their decision, but he is happy that they are following in his footsteps.

Additionally, Wendy Gill agreed that it is their children’s discretion what they want to do with their lives.

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